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Subject Files- Side Scan Sonar 3

Major collection: Hart Nautical
Named collection: Martin Klein Collection
Object type: technical literature
Maker: Klein, Martin
Date made: 1982-1994
Measurements: 9 5/8 in x 11 3/4 in

Letter to Gary Kozak from David Patterson, dated 2/5/1982 with draft and final article: "Inspection of Submerged Arctic Structures by Side Scan Sonar," by David R. Patterson, et al., Offshore Technology Conference, 1982; "Side-Scan Survey of Taharoa Ironsand Terminal," by K.B. Lewis, NZOI Records, vol. 4, no. 9, Apr. 1982; "Development of High Resolution Side-Look Sonars," by Arthur Nelkin & George A. Gilmour, Acoustical Society of America Meeting, 11/9-12/1982; Letter to Christine P. Arnold from James E. Andrews, dated 12/22/1982 with "Morphologic Evidence for Reorientation of Sea-Floor Spreading in the West Philippine Basin," by James E. Andrews, Geology, v. 8, Mar. 1980, "Investigations of the Deep-Sea Floor by Side-Scan Sonar Techniques: Central Eastern Pacific," by James E. Andrews, et al., Deep-Sea Research, vol. 24, 1977; "Circular Structures Observed in the Deep Sea by the Swathmap Long-Range Sidescan Sonar," by James E. Andrews & Peter Humphrey, Bottom-Interacting Ocean Acoustics, ed. William A. Kuperman & Finn B. Jensen, 1980; "Hydroscan Sidescan Sonar," by John P. Fish, Skin Diver, Jan. 1983; Letter to M. Klein from J.W. Stephens, dated 5/24/1983 with excerpts from Marine Information and Advisory Service News Bulletin, no. 6, Mar. 1983; "Side-Scan Sonar: Eyes of the Future," by Cornelius R. Driscoll, New England's Coastal Journal, Summer 1983; "Geologer under vattnet: Pa jakt efter grus och ubatar," by Elektronik, no. 13, Sept. 1983; "Dive Site Inspection Utilizing Side Scan Sonar," by John Perry Fish, 9/23/1983; "Prehistoric and Historic Shorelines of the Southern Argolid Peninsula: a subbottom profiler study," by Tjeerd H. van Andel & Nikolaos Lianos, International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration, 1983; "The Characteristics of Breaking Waves, Bubble Clouds, and Near-Surface Currents Observed Using Side-Scan Sonar," by S.A. Thorpe & A.J. Hall, Continental Shelf Research, vol. 1, no. 4, 1983; "Alternate Uses of Hydrographic Data Taken with Side Scan Sonar," by William H. Key, Jr.; "Application of the Klein MK 24 Side Scan Sonar for Mine Hunting Operations," by William H. Key, Jr.; "Ice/Berm Interaction Study Using Rotary Sidescan Sonar and Acoustic Profiling Systems," by R.R. Good, Offshore Technology Conference, 1984; "Assesment of Gray Whale Feeding Grounds and Sea Floor Interaction in the Northeastern Bering Sea," by C. Hans Nelson, Kirk R. Johnson, & Heidi-Lynn Mitchell, U.S. Dept. of Interior Geological Survey; "Side-Scan Sonar Records and Diver Observations of Gray Whale Feeding Grounds," by John S. Oliver & Rikk G. Kvitek; "Submarine Debris Flow Deposits Detected by Long-Range Side-Scan Sonar 1,000-Kilometers from Source," by Robert W. Simm & Robert B. Kidd, Geo-Marine Letters, vol. 3:13-16, 1983/84; "How Commercial Side Scan Sonar Can Help Locate Mines," by William H. Key, Jr., Offshore Patrol, Sept. 1984; "Review of the Potential for Artificial Reefs Along Coastal Massachusetts," by H. Arnold Carr & Elizabeth Hubbard Amaral; "Approaches to Acoustic Backscattering Measurements from the Deep Seafloor," by C. de Moustier, Current Practices and New Teachnology in Ocean Engineering, vol. OED-Vol. 11, 1986; "Surveying for SCOUR," by Laurinda Bedingfield & Vincent Murphy, Civil Engineering, Nov. 1987; "Application of Side-Scan Sonar for Inspection of Coastal Structures," by J.E. Clausner & J. Pope, Offshore Technology Conference, May 1988; "The Underside of Arctic Sea Ice Imaged by Sidescan Sonar," by Peter Wadhams, Nature, vol. 333, no. 6169, 5/12/1988; "Searching Through the Sewer Outfall of San Francisco Bay," by Vincent J. Capone, Sea Technology, Aug. 1988; "Side Scan Sonar Acoustic Variability," by John W. Nicholson & Jules S. Jaffe, Oceans '88; "Deep-Towed Side-Scan Sonars," by Arthur St. C. Wright, "Isis- Versatile Sonar Data Acquisition," by Dr. Laura Jean Penvenne & John Penvenne, (continued in notes section below)