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H. E. Edgerton Short Subjects & Sonar Fieldwork

Major collection: Science & Technology
Named collection: Harold E. Edgerton Collection
Object type: film: 16mm
Maker: Date made: 1963-08, 1963-06
Materials: Ansco film; Kodachrome
Measurements: 400'

The beginning of this color film has two short clips demonstrating high-speed photography. The first is of a piano wire being struck and the resulting vibrations, followed by a mousetrap being set off with a pencil. The rest of the film includes W. Bradford Luther, Jr. (who discoverd the Vineyard LIghtship with Edgerton) and footage of outfitting the Trieste with sonar instruments in preparation for expeditions in the early 1960s. It includes fieldwork being done in New England and tests of equipment in the Charles River [sonar]. There are multiple types of probes filmed and Harold Edgerton working with signaling equipment. Also filmed are many Navy ships, their crew and some other, unidentified men in uniforms. The original film is a 16 mm color Ansco and Kodachrome film.

Details: 0:59:56 High-speed footage of a piano hammer striking a piano string and the resulting vibrations. Footage is very shaky, as though the camera is resting on the piano. 1:01:49 High-speed camera footage of a mousetrap being set off with a pencil 1:02:30 Harold Edgerton in the lab showing underwater cameras, including a double barrel camera. 1:02:51 Still shots of men, including H. Edgerton, with underwater photography equipment, data charts accompanying underwater photographs of the Chain 19, 1961 (slide copy of this still is HEE-SC-6199), and diagrams of how underwater sonar works. 1:03:49 Footage of Bradford Luther making markings on a map of the coast of Massachusetts relating to the Vineyard Lightship project. 1:04:04 Man with glasses and a hat pouring gasoline into some piece of equipment 1:04:11 Footage of boats in a river, including a barge floating past, a motorboat and Navy ships Intrepid and Preserver 1:04:53 Two men in uniforms on a dock next to the Preserver have a conversation. 1:04:58 The Preserver is untied from the dock and begins to move away 1:05:20 The same two men in uniforms continue their discussion 1:05:29 The Preserver leaves the dock area. 1:05:40 Film of the Trieste docked. 1:05:45 Two men, one with a moustache and a pipe work on some equipment. 1:05:50 Footage of boats in the harbor 1:06:37 Footage of men lowering an underwater probe into the water from the side of a boat 1:06:48 H. Edgerton and another man work with signaling equipment on board the boat 1:06:53 Footage on men on the Trieste 1:07:09 A diver enter the water next to the Trieste. 1:07:18 Men in uniforms and civilian clothes work with underwater equipment on the Trieste, including monitoring equipment, raising a probe out of the water and moving equipment around. 1:08:02 Film of equipment attached to the Trieste 1:08:10 Footage of Harvard Bridge crossing the Charles River (looking west) , sailboats moored 1:08:22 Footage of equipment on the deck of the boat and the MIT Sailing Pavilion 1:09:00 Footage of large boats docked, the shoreline of Boston harbor (looking at Customs House), and a dredging boat. 1:09:19 Men cross the Memorial Drive holding underwater equipment, and orange and black sphere with stands on each end, which acts like a buoy. 1:09:28 A probe is lowered into the Charles River 1:09:36 Film of a boat with a data recorder attached, then the data recorder being lowered into the water. 1:09:53 More footage of a dredging boat and other ships on the water. 1:09:59 The data recorder printing out results 1:10:06 Lighthouse 1:10:12 A man on the Trieste takes pictures while a diver comes up, along with other men on the boat 1:10 58 Film of filling the ballast and piles of sandbags on the deck of the boat. 1:12:13 Divers jumping off of the Trieste's walkway into the water. 1:12:26 End

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