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Elapsed Time Motion Picture

Major collection: Science & Technology
Named collection: Harold E. Edgerton Collection
Object type: film: 16mm
Maker: Edgerton, Harold Eugene
Place made: United States, Massachusetts, Gloucester, Hodgkins Cove
Date made: 1973 composite which includes older footage
Materials: Reversal master - Kodachrome
Measurements: 300 ft.

A silent black-and-white and color film made by Harold Edgerton and Kenneth R. H. Read of Boston University showing basic applications of elapsed time motion picture techniques with human and invertebrate subjects. The film opens with a brief time-lapse sequence of people crossing the street in front of MIT's entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue. Most of the film, however, shows the results of underwater time-lapse imagery of sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish and crustaceans found in Hodgkins Cove, Gloucester, Massachusetts. The film includes footage of the equipment, set-up and operation. The original 16 mm film is an original Kodachrome reversal master. Details: 1:00:04 Title "Elapsed Time Motion Picture Made at Stroboscopic Light Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harold E. Edgerton, M.I.T., Kenneth R. H. Read, B.U." 1:00:09 Title "People - Projected at 24 f.p.s., Photographed at 8 f.p.s., Speed Up 24 ÷ 1/8 = 3x" 1:00:14 Title "Underwater Subjects, Photographed at 24 f.p.s., Photographed at 1/20 f.p.s. +- Speed Up 24 x 20 = 480X Sand Dollars" 1:00:21 Title "For a Description of Equipment See National Geographic Society Research Reports 1966, Washington, DC 1973 "Elapsed-time Photographic System for Underwater Use" Page 79 H.E. Edgerton with V.E. MacRoberts and K. Read" 1:00:34 People walking in front of MIT's entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, crossing the street. 1:00:57 H. Edgerton and Scuba Diver [Kenneth Read] place underwater camera on a dolly 1:01:08 Scuba diver [Kenneth Read] standing next to the underwater camera 1:01:11 Scuba diver [Kenneth Read] and H. Edgerton take the underwater camera down to the waters edge. 1:01:20 Young boy (H. Edgerton's son and/or grandson ?) and wife (?) walking along beach as H. Edgerton and Scuba Diver [Kenneth Read] finish preparing the underwater camera 1:01:27 Scuba diver [Kenneth Read] takes the camera into the water, various shots and angles. 1:01:43 Scuba diver [Kenneth Read] returns to shore with sand dollars for young boy, who then displays the animals for the camera 1:02:22 Scuba diver suiting up next to van and walking to the beach 1:03:06 Scuba diver enters the water to retrieve the underwater camera 1:03:10 Scuba diver returns to shore, film appears to be slightly sped up. 1:03:32 Scuba diver returns with underwater camera, H. Edgerton helps take camera away with dolly. 1:04:03 Sand Dollars moving of the cove bottom 1:04:18 Sea Urchins, starfish, fish and crabs on a rock 1:05:10 Sand dollars in motion 1:05:43 Starfish, crabs, lobsters, and sea urchins moving about. 1:07:05 Close-up video of starfish 1:07:24 End


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