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Marine Explorations- Titanic, Articles-Magazine

Major collection: Hart Nautical
Named collection: Martin Klein Collection
Object type: articles
Maker: Klein, Martin
Date made: 1979-2005
Measurements: 9 5/8 in x 11 3/4 in

"How We Will Find the Tomb of the Titanic," by Christopher Dobson, Now!, no. 6, 10/19/1979; "We Will Find the Tomb of the Titanic," by Christopher Dobson, Scope, 1/18/1980; "Titanic Treasure Hunt Takes a Serious Turn," by William Wing, Marine Engineering/LOG, Aug. 1980; "The TV System that Will Help Find the Titanic," by Thomas J. Hilton, Optical Spectra, Aug. 1980 (2 copies); Press release "Search for the Titanic," dated 8/21/1980 (2 copies); "'Raise the Titanic' Marble Arch Sinks $35 Mil to Refloat the 'Unsinkable'," by Suzanne Davidson, On Location, vol. 4, no. 3, Aug. 1980; "Titanic Hunt Reveals Dynamic Seafloor," Petroleum International, Oct. 1980; "What They'll Find on the Titanic," by Duane Valentry, Modern Maturity, Apr.-May 1981; "The Magnetic Titanic: An Unsinkable Story," by Bruce Smith & Alton Slagle, Oceans, Jul. 1981; "Evolution of Sea MARC I," by Dale N. Chayes, 1983 Symposium on Oceanographic Data Systems; "The Use of Mid Range Side-Looking Sonar to Locate the Wreck of the Titanic," by William B.F. Ryan, Subtech Conference, 11/15-17/1983; "Titanic Search," First Break, Dec. 1983; "The Titanic Challenge," by John Christopher Fine, Sky, July 1985; "'Deep See' Technology Makes Titanic Find," by B. Bower, Science News, vol. 128, 9/21/1985; "After 73 Years, a Titanic Find," by Natalie Angier, Time, 9/16/1985 (2 copies); "Haunting Images of Disaster," by Ellie McGrath, Time, 9/23/1985; "The Sea Gives Up a Secret," by William Marback with Susan Katz, Newsweek, 9/16/1985; "Titanic Controversies," by William Marback with Susan Katz, Newsweek, 9/23/1985; "Robert Ballard: Undersea Explorer Who Found Titanic," U.S. News & World Report, 9/23/1985; "Deep Submersible Locates Titanic," by Charles McCabe, Ocean Industry, Oct. 1985; "Quest for the R.M.S. Titanic," by David Graham, Sea Technology, vol. 26, no. 10, Oct. 1985; "Titanic-Found!" Sea Classic International, Winter 1985; "Titanic Lost and Found," by Chris Davis, Popular Mechanics, Jan. 1986 (2 copies); "Titanic: After 73 Years the Great Ship is Found-and Photographed- Two Miles Deep in the Atlantic," by Doris G. Kinney, Life, Jan. 1986; "Finding the Titanic," by Marti Spalding & Ben Dawson, BYTE, Mar. 1986; "Undersea Imaging Locates Titanic," by Peter Hartman & Benjamin Dawson, Computer Graphics World, Apr. 1986; "Undersea Video Camera Functions at Full Ocean Depth," by Lyle McCarty, Design News, 5/19/1986; "Jason Jr. Yields Pictorial Treasure," by Andrea Dillahunty, Commercial Diving Journal, Summer 1986; "Explorations: The Argossey," by Charles R. Pellegrino & "Interview: Robert Ballard," Omni, July 1986; "The Search for the Titanic is Over But Now a Rush for the 'Gold' Has Begun," by Joy Waldron Murphy, Smithsonian, Aug. 1986 (2 copies); "Down into the Deep," by Jamie Murphy, Time, 8/11/1986; "Here a Titanic, Here a Titanic," by Charles C. Smith, New England Monthly, Oct. 1986; "A Man with Titanic Vision," by Frederic Golden, Discover, Jan. 1987; "Take the Titanic Home," by F.X. Flinn, Video, Jan. 1987; "Titanic: Target of Opportunity," by Dennis Chamberland, Proceedings, Aug. 1987; "Legal Jurisdiction Over the Titanic," by A. Ruffman, I. Townsend Gault, & D. VanderZwaag, Lighthouse: Ed. 37, Spring 1988; "Titanic: The Quest of the Century," by John Jermaine, Commodore Magazine, Apr. 1989; "What Really Sank the Titanic," by Robert Gannon, Popular Science, vol. 246, no. 2, Feb. 1995; "The Titanic: An Unsinkable Tale," by Richard C. Malley, Ahoy!; "Search for the Titanic," by Jack Shaum, Steamboat Bill; Open Letter to Bob Ballard by Paul-Henri Nargeolet, 2005; "Who really found the Titanic?" printed from website; Assorted articles & advertisements