Le Gros Poissons Mangent Les Petits Poissons; - d'Apres Pierre Breughel

Major collection: Hart Nautical
Named collection: Allan Forbes Collection
Object type: book page
Maker: Breughel, Pieter
Place made: France
Date made: 1839
Materials: ink; paper; mounted
Measurements: 4 1/2 in x 5 3/4 in; 10 1/2 in x 7 in
Nomenclature: natural history
Classification: whales

A page taken from the French publication La Magasin Pittoresque (volume 7, 1839, page 396). The article, which begins on the previous page (from which this has been separated), is entitled Une Gravure Symbolique par Pierre Breughel ("A Symbolic Engraving by Pieter Breughel"). This clipping was only meant to save the illustration. a copy of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's famous print Large Fish Eat Small Fish.


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