computer: TX-O component

Major collection: Science & Technology
Object type: computer
Maker: MIT, Lincoln Laboratory
Place made: United States, Massachusetts, Lexington, Lincoln Laboratory
Date made: 1956
Materials: plastic; paper; metal; wire
Measurements: 12" x 9"x 10"
Nomenclature: data processing tools and equipment - electronic devices
Classification: tools and equipment

This piece illustrates the "packaging" arrangement of the logic modules. These three mounting panels, 1: MAR Control 1, 2: MAR-XR, bit n+1, 3: MAR-XR, bit n, illustrate the hardware construction of the TX-0 Computer. The dual register panels each have two large plug-in-units called the flip-flop modules and each flip-flop package serves as one binary digit of a register. The multi-colored plug-in tubular bottles each contain 1, 2, or 3 transistors. These standard gates are wired together on the back of the panel as the logic which controls the state of the corresponding flip-flop. The upper control panel has the logic which gates the time pulses to become the appropriate clear and load pulses. The TX-0 computer was designed and constructed at Lincoln Laboratory and used at EE/RLE until 1975. TX-0 was one of the first transistorized working computers.


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