Rind II

Major collection: Holography
Named collection: Holography Collection
Object type: hologram
Maker: Benton, Stephen A.; Mingace, Jr., Herbert S.; Houde-Walter, William R.
Date made: 1977
Materials: white light transmission; glass
Measurements: 13 1/2 in x 12 1/2 in x 1/4 in
Nomenclature: fine art
Classification: holograms

Rainbow-colored image of the silhouette of a human head, composed of a single strip that resembles an orange rind; hologram is on glass sheet that is adhered to a slightly larger glass sheet; one-inch overlap at top has a hole at either end to allow for hanging.

`With his well-known print `Rind,' Escher explores the ability of the mind to fill in missing information about familiar shapes. Here that exploration is continued into three dimensions as a hologram. It can be enjoyed as an overlapping array of strips, like a re-assembled orange rind, or as the complete surface of the head that it implies, or it can help us to ponder the space within, and the tabernacle of our own minds.' (from exhibition label written by Benton in 1979); Please note that due to the unique challenges of holography as a medium, high-resolution digital images are not available for most items in the holography collection. Please contact us for more information on reproducing images of holograms.

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