Diogene Link Marseille Monaco & BB Boomer 1962

Major collection: Science & Technology
Named collection: Harold E. Edgerton Collection
Object type: film: 16mm
Maker: Date made: 1962
Materials: Kodachrome; DuPont black and white stock
Measurements: 400'

Underwater "thumper transducer" experiment, thumper labeled "1960" *** Doc filming experiment, men assembling equipment and machines to lower into water Topographical map, man drawing on map, Calypso crew setting up equipment *** Probe dropped into water, man connecting wires to data recorder, examining data, probe pulled out Party on shore, large yellow tank lowered into water Scenic shots of mountains and boats, diver goes in water with equipment, lots of equipment on deck, diver returns to boat, Doc discusses something Man emerges from large cylindrical chamber labeled "Sea Diver, New York, NY." * (EH)


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