Weston Electrical DC voltmeter model 45

Major collection: Science & Technology
Object type: voltmeter
Maker: Weston Electrical Instrument Company
Place made: United States, New Jersey, Newark
Date made: 1932-06-02
Materials: wood; metal; plastic
Measurements: 8x8x4.5"

MIT D1742, "Model: 45, No. 1742, 75ºF, [1-0.000,05(t-75ºF)] for the 15 volt range, [1-0.000,07(t-75ºF)] - 150-300" "resistance of 15 VR 1500 int. ohms at 75ºF, 150 at 15000, 300 at 30000"


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Weston Electrical Instrument Company
Founded in 1888 by Edward Weston. Manufactured electric test equipment and meters. More information and archival materials on this company are available from the Weston Museum at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.