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TitleMakerDate Made
NautilusMOH-1993.47.069.22Light Sight, Int'l; Light Impressions, Inc.1983View
CoilMOH-1993.47.069.23Light Impressions, Inc.; Light Sight, Int'l1982-1983View
[coil on postcard]MOH-1993.47.069.25Light Impressions, Inc.; Light Sight, Int'l1984View
DancerMOH-1993. unknownView
Kisses by the RollMOH-1993.47.070.01-.06Light Impressions, unknownView
SuperKisses by the RollMOH-1993.47.071.01-.03Light Impressions, unknownView
Foils by the RollMOH-1993.47.072.01-.03Light Impressions, unknownView
Untitled [The First Holografia Galleria, Graniittitalo, Helsinki]MOH-1993.47.073Loiri, P.; Starcke, Ari-Velidate unknownView
Untitled [Finland]MOH-1993.47.074Starcke, Ari-Veli; Loiri, unknownView
Untitled [Holografia Galleria]MOH-1993.47.075Loiri, P.; Starcke, Ari-Velidate unknownView
Muppet Babies SeriesMOH-1993.47.076-.079Ha! Inc.1984View
Season's Greetings Compact Disc (CD)MOH-1993.47.080.01-.02Applied Holographics, unknownView
ExposMOH-1993.47.081.01Upper Deck Company1991View
GiantsMOH-1993.47.081.02Upper Deck Company1991View
PiratesMOH-1993.47.081.03Upper Deck Company1991View
[Milwaukee Brewers]MOH-1993.47.081.04Upper Deck Company1991View
RangersMOH-1993.47.081.06Upper Deck Company1991View
Boston Red SoxMOH-1993.47.081.09Upper Deck Company1991View
EarringsMOH-1993.47.083A. H. Prismatic unknownView
Laser Image Greeting Card (Santa in chimney)MOH-1993.47.084.01Collier, Louise; A. H. Prismatic Ltd.1984View
Laser Image Greeting Card (Santa and toys)MOH-1993.47.084.02Collier, Louise; A. H. Prismatic Ltd.1984View
Laser Image Greeting Card (snowman)MOH-1993.47.084.03Collier, Louise; A. H. Prismatic Ltd.1984View
Laser Image Greeting Card (carolers)MOH-1993.47.084.04A. H. Prismatic Ltd.; Collier, Louise1984View
[Greeting Card]MOH-1993.47.085Light Impressions, unknownView
[Greeting Card (Valentines Day?)]MOH-1993.47.086.02Light Impressions, unknownView
Laser Foil Christmas Greetings [Laser Robin]MOH-1993.47.087Roughton, David; A. H. Prismatic Ltd.1984View
2D HologramMOH-1993.47.088.01Light Impressions, Inc.circa 1984View
Tropical FishMOH-1993.47.088.02Light Impressions, Inc.circa 1984View
SatelliteMOH-1993.47.088.03Light Impressions, Inc.circa 1984View
Spider-ManMOH-1993.47.089Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.1991View
Holopress 88MOH-1993.47.090.01-.02Holocomcirca 1988View
HolocheckMOH-1993.47.091.01Holocomdate unknownView
HolocheckMOH-1993.47.091.02Holocomdate unknownView
[Denn Man Los!]MOH-1993.47.092.01-.02unknowndate unknownView
Rettet Sylt 1988MOH-1993.47.093.01-.02Stiftungcirca 1988View
[woman's face]MOH-1993.47.095Holocomcirca 1987View
[Klosterfrau] [plants on spoon]MOH-1993.47.096.01Abraham, Nigel; Holograms 3D1986View
RockCards WrapperMOH-1993.47.098.01Holographyx Inc.; American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1991View
RockCardsMOH-1993.47.098.02-.14American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1991View
Untitled [Space Stickers]MOH-1993.47.099.01-.09Light Impressions, Inc.circa 1985View
Comet [Kids Life and Times Magazine (Vol. 1, number 2)]MOH-1993.47.099.10Light Impressions, Inc.circa 1985View
[Holographic Animals and Alphabet]MOH-1993.47.100.01Chromagem; Global Imagescirca 1984View
[Holographic Animals and Alphabet stickers]MOH-1993.47.101.01Chromagem; Global Imagescirca 1984View
[Holographic Animals and Alphabet stickers]MOH-1993.47.101.02Chromagem; Global Imagescirca 1984View
[Alphabet on Lines]MOH-1993.47.102Global Imagescirca 1984View
[Alphabet and Numbers on Lines]MOH-1993.47.103Global Imagescirca 1984View
[City Names and Corporate Logos]MOH-1993.47.104Global Imagescirca 1984View
[City Names and Corporate Logos (sticker)]MOH-1993.47.105Global Imagescirca 1984View
[Medical Physics Dept. Brighton]MOH-1993.47.107Higgins, Sam T.; Royal Sussex County Hospitaldate unknownView
Polaroid Spectra System Onyx [promotional flyer]MOH-1993.47.108.01Polaroid Corporationdate unknownView

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