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TitleMakerDate Made
Blocks; [Bla, Bla, Bla]2001.007.381Stephens, Anait1992View
Blocks; [Bla, Bla, Bla]2001.007.382Stephens, Anait1992View
Blocks; [Bla, Bla, Bla]2001.007.383Stephens, Anait1992View
Big Fish; study2001.007.384Stephens, Anait1989View
Face Mold and Waterlilies; study2001.007.386Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Can, Cup, Syringe, and Waterlilies2001.007.387Stephens, Anait1989View
Waterlilies, Can and Is it Art?2001.007.388Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Big Fish, Cross and Waterlilies2001.007.389Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Fish, Can and Waterlilies2001.007.390Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Frog and Waterliles2001.007.391Stephens, Anait1991View
Frog Legs and Waterliles2001.007.392Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Waterlilies and Newsprint2001.007.393Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Condom and Syringes; [study]2001.007.394Stephens, Anait1989View
Waterliles; [study]2001.007.395Stephens, Anait1988View
Waterliles, Condom and Babies2001.007.396Stephens, Anaitcirca 1989View
Babies, Cup, and Fish2001.007.397Stephens, Anait1988View
Babies and Cup; [study]2001.007.398Stephens, Anait1988View
Fish and Babies2001.007.399Stephens, Anait1988View
Lilies, Can, and Cross; [study]2001.007.401Stephens, Anait1989View
Babies and Waterlilies; [mural piece]2001.007.402Stephens, Anait1989View
Babies, Cans, Syringes, and Waterlilies; [mural piece]2001.007.403Stephens, Anait1989View
Babies, Cans, Waterlilies, Cup, Cross, and Frog; [mural piece]2001.007.404Stephens, Anait1989View
Cans, Waterlilies, Condom, Cross, Hand, and Seringe; [mural piece]2001.007.405Stephens, Anait1989View
Cans, Waterlilies, Condom, Fish, Cross, and Newspaper Clip; [mural piece]2001.007.406Stephens, Anait1989View
Cans, Waterlilies, and Frog; [mural piece]2001.007.407Stephens, Anait1989View
Satin ; texture Series [study]2001.007.408Stephens, Anait1991View
Satin ; texture Series2001.007.409Stephens, Anait1989View
Satin ; texture Series2001.007.410Stephens, Anait1989View
Moire II; [study]2001.007.411Stephens, Anait1989View
Light Wind2001.007.412Stephens, Anait1989-1991View
Catch!; [series]2001.007.413Stephens, Anait1989View
Mask & Fish2001.007.414Stephens, Anait1991View
Mask & Word2001.007.4151991View
[Spider] Mum ; [Flower]2001.007.416Stephens, Anait1991View
Blue Square2001.007.417Stephens, Anait; Dharr, Auge1990View
[Circles and Squares]2001.007.418Dharr, Auge; Stephens, Anait1991View
Celebration Series "K"2001.007.419Stephens, Anait; Dharr, Auge1990View
Free Lunch; study II2001.007.420Stephens, Anait1992View
Free Lunch2001.007.421Stephens, Anait1992View
Stencil2001.007.422Stephens, Anaitcirca 1990View
Scarf I2001.007.423Stephens, Anait1989View
Calla's III; [Callalilies]2001.007.424Stephens, Anait1990-1991View
[Callalilies]2001.007.425Stephens, Anait1990View
Celebration Series "K II"2001.007.426Stephens, Anait; Dharr, Auge1990View
Projecting Square2001.007.427Stephens, Anait; Dharr, Auge1991View
Green Circles2001.007.428Dharr, Auge; Stephens, Anait1991View
Clock "Time"2001.007.429Stephens, Anait1989View
Red Poppies2001.007.430Stephens, Anait1991View
"Lace" Colon2001.007.432Stephens, Anait1991View
"Lace" Colon2001.007.433Stephens, Anait1992View

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