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TitleMakerDate Made
CubesMOH-1977.47.02Unterseher, Fred1976View
Creme de Motion #4MOH-1977.48.01Nemtzow, Scott1975View
Creme de Motion #4MOH-1977.48.02Nemtzow, Scott1975View
Creme de Motion #6MOH-1977.48.03Nemtzow, ScottView
Cable CarMOH-1977.49Schmidt, David1976View
Crystal BeginningMOH-1977.50.01Benton, Stephen A.; Mingace, Jr., Herbert S.; Houde-Walter, William R.1977View
Crystal BeginningMOH-1977.50.02Houde-Walter, William R.; Benton, Stephen A.; Mingace, Jr., Herbert S.1977View
Simon and Camera [Simon with Camera]MOH-1977.51Burns, Jodycirca 1976View
Kitty Carlisle HartMOH-1977.52.01-.02Burns, Jodycirca 1976View
Chess Pieces and Magnifying GlassMOH-1978.01Conductron Corporation1967View
Vibration Patterns of Sound Waves on a Glass DiscMOH-1978.04Molin, Nils-Erik; Stetson, Karl; Royal Institute of Technology1969View
Bullet and Shock WavesMOH-1978.05Wuerker, Ralph A.1966View
12 mW BoogieMOH-1978.06Berkhout, Rudie1978View
SusanMOH-1978.07Molteni, William J.1978View
RiverboatMOH-1978.11Rallison, Richarddate unknownView
Woman with RoseMOH-1978.12Rallison, Richarddate unknownView
PyramidMOH-1978.13Rallison, Richarddate unknownView
Cover of `Alice in the Light World' exhibition catalogMOH-1978.14Asahi Shimbun1978View
Ball and JacksMOH-1978.15.02Silberman, Rick1978View
Untitled [Thendara ?]MOH-1978.16Schweitzer, Dan1978View
Untitled [U of M]MOH-1978.17Leith, Emmett N.1964View
Apple HologramMOH-1978.18Benton, Stephen A.1978View
Timescape (Time Scape)MOH-1978.19Schweitzer, Dan1978View
7 Diffraction GratingsMOH-1978.20Museum of Holography1978View
Plane GeometryMOH-1978.21Silberman, Rick1977View
AppleMOH-1978.22.02Schweitzer, Dan; Moree, Sam1978View
AppleMOH-1978.22.03Schweitzer, Dan; Moree, Sam1978View
Camera on TripodMOH-1978.23Moore, Lon; Schweitzer, Dan1976View
The Three GracesMOH-1978.25Lehmann, Matt1963View
DigitalMOH-1978.26Phillips, Nicholas1978View
The WaspMOH-1978.27Bjelkhagen, Hans I.; Lasergruppen Holovision AB1976View
BlowfishMOH-1978.29Hilliard, Will L.1978View
The StudioMOH-1978.30Provence, Steve1978View
Side PlanesMOH-1978.31.02Molteni, William J.1978View
Side PlanesMOH-1978.31.03Molteni, William J.1978View
Gateau Gabor (Smoke without Fire)MOH-1978.32.01Reuterswärd, Carl Fredrik1978View
Gateau GaborMOH-1978.32.02Reuterswärd, Carl Fredrik1978View
Celeste UndressedMOH-1978.33.01Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1978View
Celeste UndressedMOH-1978.33.02Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
Celeste UndressedMOH-1978.33.03Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
StripperMOH-1978.34Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
Disco DancersMOH-1978.35Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1978View
Dog Dancers in the Summer of LoveMOH-1978.36Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
Dog Dancers in the Summer of LoveMOH-1978.37Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
The FlasherMOH-1978.39Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1978View
Garden of Eden (Celeste and Snake)MOH-1978.40Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1978View
Garden of Eden (Celeste and Snake)MOH-1978.41Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
ReneeMOH-1978.42Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
Love ActMOH-1978.43Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1978View
Love ActMOH-1978.44Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1978View

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