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TitleMakerDate Made
Motorcycle StoryMOH-1976.53Friedman, Rufus; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Closed Mondays (mini)MOH-1976.54A-CClaudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Created and Consumed by LightMOH-1976.55.01A-CKrasilovsky, Alexis; Multiplex Moving Holograms; Friedman, Rufus1976View
Consumed then Created by Light (Portrait of Siew-Hwa Beh)MOH-1976.55.02Multiplex Moving Holograms; Friedman, Rufus; Krasilovsky, Alexis1976View
Baseball PlayersMOH-1976.57.01A-CLissack, Selwyn1974-1976View
Baseball PlayersMOH-1976.57.02A-CLissack, Selwyn1974-1976View
Untitled [round diffraction]MOH-1976.58DiBiase, Vincent1976View
BallerinaMOH-1976.60Schmidt, David; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
BalletMOH-1976.61Schmidt, David; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Gorilla KissMOH-1976.62Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1974View
Gorilla KissMOH-1976.63Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
SkierMOH-1976.64Cross, Lloyd G.; Multiplex Moving Holograms; Schultz, Werner1976View
Hemoglobin MoleculeMOH-1976.65.01A-CBurns, Jody; Perry, Hart; Leventhal, Cyrus1974View
Hemoglobin MoleculeMOH-1976.65.02A-CLeventhal, Cyrus; Burns, Jody; Perry, Hart1974View
Shelly (test)MOH-1976.66Rezny, Abe; Laser Light Concepts Ltd.1976View
Victoria Is an AngelMOH-1976.67A-CLooseleaf, Victoria; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
BiplanesMOH-1976.68Foster, Michael1976View
Untitled [camera]MOH-1976.69New York Holographic Laboratories1976View
Untitled [camera]MOH-1976.70New York Holographic Laboratories1976View
Untitled [camera]MOH-1976.71New York Holographic Laboratories1976View
Untitled [camera]MOH-1976.72New York Holographic Laboratoriescirca 1976View
Primal ManifestationMOH-1977.01.01Kurzen, Aaron1977View
The Big AppleMOH-1977.03Nemtzow, Scott1977View
Fine StepMOH-1977.04.01Greenfield, Amycirca 1977View
Fine StepMOH-1977.04.02Greenfield, Amycirca 1977View
UntitledMOH-1977.05Lehmann, Matt1964View
UntitledMOH-1977.06Lehmann, Matt1964View
KurgerrandMOH-1977.07Holex Corporation1977View
Dragon RingMOH-1977.08Holographic Communications Corps. of America; Lissack, Selwyn; Ruchin, Cecilecirca 1972View
The Light BulbMOH-1977.09Bjelkhagen, Hans I.; Sandström, Åke1976View
Girl with FlowerMOH-1977.10Komar, Viktor1976View
Girl with FlowerMOH-1977.11Komar, Viktor1976View
Photonics #1MOH-1977.12Nunez, Ruben1977View
Photonics #2MOH-1977.13Nunez, Ruben1977View
The HolographerMOH-1977.14Schweitzer, Dan1977View
The Last Day of AdolescenceMOH-1977.15Feroe, James1980View
LibertyMOH-1977.16Burns, Jody; New York Art Alliance; Miller, Jerry1976View
Self-PortraitMOH-1977.17New York Art Alliance; Burns, Jody1977View
Dr. Einstein's Chess BoardMOH-1977.18.01-.02Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1975View
Jumping Jack FlashMOH-1977.19Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1976View
ReneeMOH-1977.20Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1977View
ReneeMOH-1977.21Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1977View
FramesMOH-1977.22.01A-CKobland, Ken1977View
FramesMOH-1977.22.02Kobland, Ken1977View
Abe BeameMOH-1977.23.01-.02Perry, Hart1977View
Birth of VenusMOH-1977.24A-CPerry, Hart1977View
Birth of VenusMOH-1977.25.01-.02Perry, Hart1977View
Pete HamillMOH-1977.26.01-.03Perry, Hart1977View
SantaMOH-1977.27Sapan, Jason; Multiplex Moving Holograms; Sapan Engineering1977View

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