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TitleMakerDate Made
Nobel Prize DiplomaMOH-1993.47.285Gunnar Brusewitz; Noréen, Elsa1971View
Pre-Colombian object `B' [Colima piece]MOH-1993.47.HOL001Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian object [Colima piece]MOH-1993.47.HOL002Nicholson, Peter1977View
Fong head from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL003Nicholson, Peter1977View
Benin bronze from Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL004Walter, Will1977View
Ife head from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL0051977View
Portrait of De BettetoMOH-1993.47.HOL0061977View
Portrait of BentonMOH-1993.47.HOL007Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Bella JuleszMOH-1993.47.HOL009Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Gabor [Gabor rainbow]MOH-1993.47.HOL010Benton, Stephen A.1977View
Portrait of Dr. Gerhart FriedlanderMOH-1993.47.HOL011Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Dr. Jerry HudisMOH-1993.47.HOL012Nicholson, Peter1977View
[Portrait of] Dr. George VinyardMOH-1993.47.HOL013Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Gabor [Gabor rainbow]MOH-1993.47.HOL014Benton, Stephen A.1977View
Portrait of Alice Kaplan (3/4 view)MOH-1993.47.HOL015Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Portrait of BruceMOH-1993.47.HOL017Goldberg, Bruce1977View
Portrait of Bruce & Susan EmbracingMOH-1993.47.HOL018Molteni, William J.1977View
Portrait of unknown BNL scientistMOH-1993.47.HOL019Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Dr. Gerhart FriedlanderMOH-1993.47.HOL020Nicholson, Peter1977View
Self-PortraitMOH-1993.47.HOL022Nicholson, Peter1977View
Self-PortraitMOH-1993.47.HOL023Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of BruceMOH-1993.47.HOL024Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rodin hand from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL025Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Ife head from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL026Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rodin hand from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL027Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Fong head from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL028Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rodin hand from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL029Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rainbow [Alice Kaplan collection]MOH-1993.47.HOL030Nicholson, Peter1977View
Benin bronze from Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL031Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Rodin hand from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL032Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Rodin hand from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL0331977View
P.W. by P.N. [Portrait of P.W. from Kaplan collection]MOH-1993.47.HOL034Nicholson, Petercirca 1977View
Rodin hand from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL035Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Petercirca 1977View
Fong head from Alice Kaplan collectionMOH-1993.47.HOL036Nicholson, Petercirca 1977View
Portrait "Bev profile"MOH-1993.47.HOL037Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Paul Barefoot (full face)MOH-1993.47.HOL038Nicholson, Peter1977View
Self-PortraitMOH-1993.47.HOL039Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Bill MoltiniMOH-1993.47.HOL040Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Susan w/ fringesMOH-1993.47.HOL041Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portraits of Bruce & Susan KissingMOH-1993.47.HOL042Nicholson, Peter1977View
Hands of RodinMOH-1993.47.HOL043Nicholson, Peter1977View
Water play from collection of Alice KaplanMOH-1993.47.HOL044Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rodin HandMOH-1993.47.HOL045Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rodin HandMOH-1993.47.HOL047Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL048Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL049Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL051Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL052Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL053Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL054Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View

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