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TitleMakerDate Made
Hoedaanig de Hollanders in de Jaaren 1596, en 1597, in Nova Zembla hebben overwintertAF-HD-3524unknown1600-1750View
Jonah - Jonah II v. 10 page 740AF-JB-0961Cunknown1800-1899View
Jonas van een Visch ingeslokt, word weder uitgespogen; Jonas onder den Wonderboom, verwagt den ondergang van Nineve.AF-JD-0233unknown1630-1799View
Jonas Jete a la mer (Cimetiere de Calliste Commencement du 3 siecle)AF-JF-0217unknown1854-1940View
Jonas Rejete sur la Rivage (Cimetiere de Calliste Commencement du 3 siecle)AF-JF-0218unknown1854-1940View
Jonah cast upon the landAF-JX-0114unknown1800-1899View
Jonah cast on shore by the whaleAF-JX-0121unknowndate unknownView
Jonah Cast AshoreAF-JX-0122unknown1839View
Jonah. No inscriptionAF-JX-0209unknown1500-1700View
Jonah, Chap. I. Verse 15 Jonah Cast into the SeaAF-JX-0222unknown1600-1800View
Forty-sixth medal - Reverse.AF-JX-0900Aunknown1830View
Prophetia Ionae. Two prints of Jonah with text in Latin page 643AF-JX-0941unknown1600View
Prophetia Ionae. Two prints of Jonah with text in Latin page 677AF-JX-0941Aunknown1611View
Jonah is Delivered from the Fish. Jonah I Vers: 10AF-JX-0943unknown1690View
Six of the Minor Prophets including Jonas Plate 12 page 502AF-JX-0951unknown1802View
Place where Jonah was supposed to have been cast ashoreAF-JX-0954unknowndate unknownView
Jonah Chap. 2. Jonah Delivered from the Fish.AF-JX-0955unknown1720View
Jonas. C. 1, 2, 3, 4AF-JX-0958unknown1722View
Jonah and WhaleAF-JX-0964unknown1500-1599View
Jonah (no other inscription)AF-JX-0977unknown1850-1920View
Jonah Chapter 1stAF-JX-0994unknown1770View
Jonah Chapter 1stAF-JX-0994Aunknown1770View
Odin, Baldur, Thor. The Mythological Sea Serpent, JormuncardaAF-LB-K023unknown1848View
Der furste Schopfungstag. (Fifth Day of Creation) I Mose. cap. 1 V. 20.AF-LG-2238unknown1800-1899View
The Whale assists in the discovery of new worldsAF-LX-0107unknown1810-1899View
Rogero with Angelica on his hippogriffAF-LX-1139unknown1784View
The heroes instant join in glad embraceAF-LX-1140unknown1784View
Andromeda and PerseusAF-LX-1143Bunknown1656View
Monstrous Sea Serpent as seen at Cape AnnAF-LX-1278unknowndate unknownView
Neptune LagrenéeAF-LX-1455unknown1890-1950View
Ino Cum Melicerta, Marini Dii FuturiAF-LX-1470unknown1730View
Adam naming the Creatures - Genesis Chap. II ver. 19AF-LX-1482unknown1800-1899View
Engraving depicting old man with fish by the seaAF-LX-1700unknown1730View
The six days work of the Creation Genesis - Chap. 1AF-LX-1705unknown1700-1799View
Adam Naming the Creation (Showing Whale)AF-LX-1713unknown1800-1899View
Woman and children riding DolphinAF-LX-1714unknown1850-1910View
Genesis Chap. I. Man is created in the image of God.AF-LX-1721unknown1700-1799View
Dagon - Indian JonahAF-LX-1729unknown1803View
Genesis Chap. I. verses 16 and 21AF-LX-1730unknown1750View
Romans in Old Fashioned War Vessel, Dolphins in the ForegroundAF-LX-1751unknown1600-1750View
Dagon PictureAF-LX-1754unknown1700-1840View
The Whale Assists in the Discovery of the New WorldAF-LX-2185unknown1800-1899View
Map of the NorthAF-MX-1266unknown1850-1950View
Part of Lancashire, Cheshire, and DarbyshireAF-MX-5059unknowndate unknownView
Africae Tabula NovaAF-MX-5122unknown; Ortelius, Abraham1570View
Common Whale - Balaena MysticetusAF-NB-0071unknown1800-1899View
Shoal of whales in the Solway FirthAF-NB-0128Aunknown1855View

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