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TitleMakerDate Made
The Right Whale PorpoiseAF-NB-0276unknowndate unknownView
The Hinder Part of the Head of the Unicorn as it looks towards the Neck. The outside as it looks at the underpartAF-NB-0315unknowndate unknownView
The Outside of the Head of the Unicorn as it looks at the upper partAF-NB-0488unknown1700-1750View
Figure of WhaleAF-NB-0786unknown1793View
Dolphin and Porpoise (Page 76 and 78)AF-NB-2293unknown1850-1899View
Whale Fishery (Page 70)AF-NB-2295unknown1850-1899View
A Fin Whale taken off Folkestone, EnglandAF-NB-2512unknown1830-1870View
The Immense Whale.AF-NB-2572unknown1830View
Saugetiere Tafel 18. Meerschivein - Phocaena communis Cuv. Pottfisch - Physete Macrocephalus Seehund Phoca vitulinaAF-NG-2240unknown1800-1899View
Ten species of whales, from a Japanese book.AF-NJ-0407unknowndate unknownView
Däggdjur: Sälar, Hvalar.AF-NS-2000unknown1850View
Mysticate Plate 6AF-NX-1108unknown1800-1899View
Whales and walruses.AF-NX-1125unknown1800-1899View
White Shark, Dolphin, Wolf Fish, Sea EagleAF-NX-2109unknown1800-1820View
Views of whale and partsAF-NX-2117unknown1800-1899View
Species of whales, tab. 2 pag, 196AF-NX-2135unknown1732View
Whales and whaling scenesAF-NX-2138unknown1800-1899View
Whales and whaling scenesAF-NX-2139unknown1800-1899View
Blunt headed Cachalot Pl. VIII Vol. 3 p. 79AF-NX-2140unknown1776-1850View
Flying Fish and DolphinAF-NX-2153unknown1700-1799View
The Whale (Whale Spouting)AF-NX-2195unknown1800-1899View
Icthyology, Pl. 100 Fig. 1 WhaleAF-NX-2207unknown1795View
The White WhaleAF-NX-2210unknown1800-1899View
The Sperm WhaleAF-NX-2212unknown1800-1899View
The Greenland WhaleAF-NX-2213unknown1800-1899View
Comparative Size of Animals.AF-NX-2222unknown1800-1899View
The Capture of a WhaleAF-NX-2249unknown1700-1799View
Whale (148)AF-NX-2270unknown1700-1799View
Plate 76: WhaleAF-NX-2273unknown1750-1799View
Ship Roscius, Captain Merrihew and Barque Fanny passing ice July 15, 1856AF-SA-0167unknown1856View
Whalers Rousseau and DesdemonaAF-SA-0886unknown1840-1896View
Desdemona and Rousseau - photo of old whalers at the wharfAF-SA-0887unknown1840-1841View
South-Sea WhalerAF-SA-2215Aunknown1800-1899View
The Auxiliary Steam Packet-ship MassachusettsAF-SA-6011Aunknown1846View
American Whale Ship EagleAF-SA-6013unknown1800-1899View
Der Wallfishce und Seine BenutzungAF-TG-1028unknown1800-1899View
Colored pictures from an Atlas or Geography, showing by pictures the uses made of the products of the whale.AF-TX-1026unknown1840-1899View
Colored pictures from an Atlas or Geography, showing the uses made of the products of the whale.AF-TX-1027unknown1840-1899View
Lifting a WhaleAF-TX-2258unknown1800-1899View
America. Whale Fishing, Harpooner Striking a WhaleAF-WA-0146unknown1801-1899View
Whaling Scene - Sperm WhalingAF-WA-0419unknown1850-1940View
Harpooning a WhaleAF-WA-0530unknown1700-1799View
Whaling SceneAF-WA-0888unknown1850-1930View
Whaling SceneAF-WA-2186unknown1800-1899View
The Perils of WhalingAF-WA-6001Olmsted, Francis Allyn; unknown1900-1999View
The AttackAF-WA-6002Olmsted, Francis Allyn; unknown1900-1999View
Whaling sceneAF-WA-6017unknown1700-1799View
Greenland. 11 Scenes in Greenland Whale Fishery etc. with a map and inscriptionAF-WB-0043unknown1600-1699View
A View of Distress of the Whalers in Melville Bay and the Loss of the McLennen of New London, by a heavy pressure of ice, July 20, 1852AF-WB-0254unknown1852-1900View
A View of Distress of Some of the Whalers in Melville Bay and the loss of the Regalia of Kircaldy, June 20, 1852AF-WB-0255unknown1852-1900View

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