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TitleMakerDate Made
Supersonic Bird1994.100.001unknowndate unknownView
U.S. Mail Envelope with holographic stamp1994.103unknowndate unknownView
Berenice Abbott [setting copystand mound in preparation for a shoot]2012.041.046unknownca. 1959View
Northern Hemisphere Astronomy No. VI Plate 17AF-AX-3024unknown1822View
Southern Hemisphere with Figures of the ConstellationsAF-AX-3027unknown1795View
Northern Hemisphere with Figures of the Constellations- Pl. 21AF-AX-3028unknown1795View
Constellations. Northern & Southern Hemispheres.AF-AX-3033unknown1800-1899View
Northern Hemisphere No. 10 Vol. 1AF-AX-3035unknown1744-1850View
Southern Hemisphere No. 11 - Vol. 1AF-AX-3036unknown1744-1850View
Southern Hemisphere Star ChartAF-AX-3049unknown1672View
Northern Hemisphere Star ChartAF-AX-3050unknown1672View
Path of the Comet of the Present Year 1757 in its return to the SunAF-AX-3052unknown1757View
Constellations(V. 232)AF-AX-3054unknown1774View
Tableau Synoptique des Constellations Semblables dans les Differens PlanispheresAF-AX-3059unknown1790-1809View
The Mechanics Bank One DollarAF-BA-0018unknown1858View
Private Bank CheckAF-BA-0507unknown1840-1849View
Private Bank CheckAF-BA-0507Aunknown1840-1849View
Advertisement for Spermaceti OilAF-BA-2203unknown1815View
A page from the looking glass No.?AF-CB-0630unknown1800-1899View
Den Ridder Kessels, Commandant van de Stoomwalvisch by de beleegering van MaastrichtAF-CD-0607unknown1830-1831View
Belgische RiddertrouwAF-CD-0621unknown1830View
Fisherman with side whiskers and pipe, umbrella and yellow fan - astride a whaleAF-CX-0606unknowndate unknownView
Depiction of whale skeleton.AF-CX-0608unknown1800-1899View
Sindbad and His Friends Mistake a Whale for an Island. (First Voyage)AF-CX-0622unknowndate unknownView
Wanted - A Whaler.AF-CX-0623unknown1872View
A Novice taking the WhaleAF-CX-2231unknown1840-1899View
Marriage de Monseigneur le DauphinAF-DF-1678unknown1715View
Tel und wunderseltsame Thiere und Monstra werden in India gefundenAF-DG-1747unknown1550-1699View
Mural decoration - showing dolphins split in the middleAF-DX-1459unknown1550-1699View
Mural decoration - showing dolphins split in the middleAF-DX-1459Aunknown1550-1699View
Italian lamps, showing Apollo and harp, also dolphinsAF-DX-1471unknown1737View
Two figures on whale or dolphin v. 382AF-DX-1685unknown1774View
Prints of Greek CoinsAF-DX-1689unknown1730View
Prints of Greek CoinsAF-DX-1690unknown1730View
Engraving depicting Greek antiquitiesAF-DX-1691unknown1730View
Mosaic of Whales, Dolphins, Sea Horses etcAF-DX-1702unknown1690View
Photograph of statue with dolphin on baseAF-DX-1717unknown1880-1940View
Trahitur Dulcedine CantusAF-DX-1740unknown1684View
Trahitur Dulcedine CantusAF-DX-1765unknown1674-1691View
aimons nous toujours.AF-DX-2179unknown1800-1830View
Coins showing Arion on whale. Number 12 also Galatea on whaleAF-DX-2191unknown1700-1850View
Fountain - Figure sitting on a spouting whaleAF-DX-2292unknown1840-1870View
Small colored engraving of whales on icecapsAF-FF-2261unknown1800-1899View
New Bedford Whalers at their WharvesAF-GA-0189unknown1800-1899View
Whaling off the North Cape, New ZealandAF-GB-2129unknown1910-1940View
Herman Melville place "Arrowhead" - September 4, 1897AF-HA-0435unknown1897View
The Stone Fleet on its way to the Southern coast 1861AF-HA-0521unknown1861View
Map of the harbor and city of Charleston, S.C., showing its defenses, and the position of the sunken vessels closing the entrance to the great ship channel, and also the portion of the city lately destroyed by fireAF-HA-0525unknown1841View
Mill at Fairhaven where whaling irons were groundAF-HA-2238unknowndate unknownView

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