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TitleMakerDate Made
Puritan, No. 19, design of racing sloop for subscribers of the E.Y.C. by Edward BurgessAB.01.001Burgess, Edward1885View
Gaff sloop Puritan No. 19, John H. McMauus and Son Sailmakers BostonAB.01.002Burgess, Edward1885View
Gaff sloop, No. 19 PuritanAB.01.003Burgess, Edward1885View
Gaff sloop Mayflower No. 25AB.01.004Burgess, Edward1886View
Volunteer, No. 60 sheer draft sloopAB.01.005Burgess, Edward1887-06-02View
Gaff sloop Volunteer No. 60AB.01.006Burgess, Edward1887View
Gaff sloop Volunteer No. 60AB.01.007Burgess, Edward1887View
Gaff sloop Volunteer No. 60 sail plan No. 5AB.01.008Burgess, Edward1893-10-25View
Fishing schooner Carrie E. Phillips No. 71AB.01.009Burgess, Edward1887View
Nellie Dixon, Fredonia, Nos. 120 and 126AB.01.010Burgess, Edward1889View
Gaff schooner No. 122 sail planAB.01.011Burgess, Edward1889-01-16View
Gaff schooner Merlin No. 123 sail planAB.01.012Burgess, Edward1889-01-19View
Schooner Merlin # 123AB.01.014Burgess, Edward1890View
Schooner Merlin # 123AB.01.015Burgess, Edward1890View
Schooner Merlin # 123AB.01.016Burgess, Edward1890View
Schooner Merlin # 123AB.01.017Burgess, Edward1890View
Schooner Merlin # 123AB.01.018Burgess, Edward1890View
Schooner Merlin # 123AB.01.020Burgess, Edward1890View
Schooner Constellation No. 125 engine foundationAB.01.021Binney, Arthur1914-10-14View
Schooner Constellation No. 125AB.01.022Binney, Arthur1914-10-29View
Schooner Constellation No. 125AB.01.023Binney, Arthur1889View
Schooner Constellation No. 125AB.01.024Binney, Arthur1889View
Gaff schooner Fredonia No. 126 sail planAB.01.025Burgess, Edward1889-03-24View
Gaff schooner Philadelphia No. 146 sail planAB.01.026Burgess, Edward1889-08-07View
Gaff schooners Philadelphia No. 146 and Boston No. 147AB.01.027Burgess, Edward1889View
Gaff pilot schooner Boston No. 147 sail planAB.01.028Burgess, Edward1889-07-26View
Gaff pilot schooner No. 154 sail planAB.01.029Burgess, Edward1889-10-18View
Gaff schooner sail plan No. 163AB.01.030Burgess, Edward1889-12-23View
4 masted schooner Daniel B. Fearing No. 178AB.01.031Burgess, Edward1890View
Daniel B. Fearing, 4 masted schooner No. 178 sail planAB.01.032Burgess, Edward1890-12-08View
3 masted gaff schooner John H. Buttrick No. 179AB.01.033Burgess, Edward1890View
Gaff schooner sail plan No. 180AB.01.035Burgess, Edward1890-09-08View
Gaff fishing schooners Nos. 209, 210AB.01.037Burgess, Edward1891View
Gaff sloop Nancy and Jane No. 216 sail planAB.01.038Stewart and Binney1892-04-16View
Nancy and Jane, No. 216AB.01.039Stewart and Binney1891View
Gaff schooner Mary G. Powers No. 217 sail planAB.01.040Stewart and Binney1891View
Cat boat yacht Typhoon No. 233 original sail planAB.01.042Binney, Arthur1898-10-21View
Gaff sloop sail plan, yacht Typhoon No. 233AB.01.043Binney, Arthur1898-10-18View
Cat boat Halys No. 238 sail planAB.01.044Binney, Arthur1892-05-10View
My Heart No. 254AB.01.045Binney, Arthur1893View
America's Cup candidate Pilgrim No. 255AB.01.046Binney, Arthur1893View
Gaff schooner No. 262 sail planAB.01.047Binney, Arthur1894-01-31View
No. 282 new yawl rigAB.01.048Binney, Arthur1900-11-10View
Gaff sloop sail plan No. 282AB.01.049Binney, Arthur1901-11-21View
Sail plan No. 287AB.01.050Binney, Arthur1895-03-24View
Sailing vessel Rooster No. 292AB.01.051Binney, Arthur1898View
Guardian No. 294, proposed police boat for City of BostonAB.01.052Binney, Arthur1898View
Steamer Guardian No. 294, plan of cabin and pilot houseAB.01.054Binney, Arthur1896-07-17View
Steamer Guardian No. 294AB.01.055Binney, Arthur1898View
Steamer Guardian No. 294AB.01.056Binney, Arthur1898View

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