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TitleMakerDate Made
Delta, 43 foot ferry No. 465AB.01.231Binney, Arthur1906View
Shad, launch No. 466 cross sectionsAB.01.232Binney, Arthur1907-03-02View
Shad, launch No. 466 plan of cabinAB.01.233Binney, Arthur1907-03-02View
Shad, launch No. 466AB.01.234Binney, Arthur1907View
Shad, proposed 56 foot launch No. 466 for Dudley Pickman, Esq.AB.01.235Binney, Arthur1907-04-16View
Shad, launch No. 466 longitudinal elevationAB.01.236Binney, Arthur1907-03-02View
Tern, launch No. 469 cabin planAB.01.237Binney, Arthur1907-12-18View
Gaff cat No. 477 sail planAB.01.238Binney, Arthur1911-06-15View
Launch No. 479 interior elevationAB.01.240Binney, Arthur1908-02-27View
Launch No. 479 plumbingAB.01.241Binney, Arthur1908-03-28View
Launch No. 479 cabin joiner workAB.01.243Binney, Arthur1902-02-27View
Launch No. 479 cabin joiner workAB.01.244Binney, Arthur1908-02-27View
Launch No. 479 cabin joiner workAB.01.245Binney, Arthur1908-02-27View
Launch No. 479 bridge gratingsAB.01.246Binney, Arthur1908-04-10View
Launch No. 479 pilot house & bridgeAB.01.247Binney, Arthur1908-03-13View
Launch No. 479 interior planAB.01.248Binney, Arthur1908-02-27View
Launch No. 479 engine foundationsAB.01.249Binney, Arthur1908-03-13View
Shada, launch No. 479 deck beam planAB.01.250Binney, Arthur1908-02-27View
Launch No. 479 construction sectionsAB.01.251Binney, Arthur1908-05-08View
Launch No. 479 keel constructionAB.01.252Binney, Arthur1908-05-08View
Launch No. 479AB.01.253Binney, Arthur1911View
Shada, proposed cruising launch No. 479, 84 feet water LinesAB.01.255Binney, Arthur1908-02-14View
Launch Shada No. 479AB.01.256Binney, Arthur1911View
Launch No. 484 constructionAB.01.257Binney, Arthur1909-09-13View
Launch No. 485 constructionAB.01.258Binney, Arthur1909-01-12View
No. 486 tank pipingAB.01.259Binney, Arthur1909-05-06View
No. 486 sideboardAB.01.262Binney, Arthur1909-04-23View
No. 486 cabin joiner workAB.01.263Binney, Arthur1909-03-04View
No. 486 cabin joiner workAB.01.264Binney, Arthur1909-04-21View
No. 486 cabin elevationAB.01.265Binney, Arthur1909-03-04View
Monaloa III, No. 486 cabin planAB.01.266Binney, Arthur1909-03-04View
Monaloa III, No. 486 deck beam planAB.01.267Binney, Arthur1903-03View
Monaloa III, launch No. 486 outboard deck planAB.01.268Binney, Arthur1909-07-29View
Monaloa III, launch No. 486AB.01.269Binney, Arthur1909View
unknown auxilary steam powered vesselAB.01.270Binney, Arthur1910-12-29View
Dolly, launch No. 490 general arrangementAB.01.271Binney, Arthur1909-11-03View
Hornet, launch No. 492 general arrangementAB.01.272Binney, Arthur1910-01-20View
Launch No. 495 general arrangementAB.01.273Binney, Arthur1910-07-08View
J. Cunningham, launch No. 498AB.01.275Binney, Arthur1911-01View
Semlok, launch No. 501 general arrangementAB.01.276Binney, Arthur1911-04-07View
Mary, gaff schooner No. 503 fisherman for Capt. Sylvester WhalenAB.01.277Binney, Arthur1911-10-16View
Mary, gaff schooner No. 503AB.01.278Binney, Arthur1911View
Fukurin Maru, brigantine No. 505 cabin planAB.01.279Binney, Arthur1912-04-02View
Fukurin Maru, brigantine No. 505 cabin planAB.01.280Binney, Arthur1913-04-12View
Fukurin Maru, brigantine No. 505 deck beam planAB.01.281Binney, Arthur1912-02-26View
Fukurin Maru, brigantine No. 505, gospel vessel for American Baptist Foreign Mission SocietyAB.01.283Binney, Arthur1911-10-03View
Fukurin Maru, brigantine No. 505AB.01.284Binney, Arthur1911View
Life boat No. 506AB.01.285Binney, Arthur1912View
Life boat No. 506 relieving tube valvesAB.01.286Binney, Arthur1912-01-09View
No. 506 construction of 30 foot life boat for Mass. Humane SocietyAB.01.287Binney, Arthur1911-12-19View

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