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Aspinet, fishing schooner, hoisting out barrels, T Wharf.1986.107.001Murdoch, John1913-03-21View
Barkentine, 4-masted.1986.107.003Murdoch, John1902-06-02View
Barque Charles C. Rice, Western Island packet, New Bedford.1986.107.004Murdoch, John1914-06-23View
Battleship at Charlestown Navy Yard from Chelsea Ferry.1986.107.005Murdoch, John1911-05-05View
A belated arrival at T Wharf - schooner Commonwealth coming in under power.1986.107.006Murdoch, John1914-04-03View
Buema, fishing schooner at end of T Wharf. B. Duncan and Ab.M on Long Wharf.1986.107.008Murdoch, John1913-05-02View
Burning off the paint, yacht yard, Cow Pasture.1986.107.009Murdoch, John1904-04-17View
Chicago U.S.S., ready for Mass Naval brigade, anchored in Nantasket Roads.1986.107.010Murdoch, John1910-07-18View
Coasting schooner in tow and steamer Louikava [?] (Danish) from end of T wharf.1986.107.011Murdoch, John1912-05-25View
Commonwealth, fishing schooner, fitting out at Commercial Wharf.1986.107.012Murdoch, John1913-10-13View
Crest, steam trawler, schooners and towboats, ocean tug in background.1986.107.013Murdoch, John1911-11-03View
Crest, steam trawler, schooners and towboats, end of T Wharf.1986.107.014Murdoch, John1911-11-03View
Curfew, starting home, Arey's Pond.1986.107.015Murdoch, John1907-08-29View
Dredger off North End pier.1986.107.017Murdoch, John1906-02-06View
Dutch sugar ship off Long Wharf.1986.107.018Murdoch, John1904-04-23View
Eleanor DeCosta , fishing schooner - hauling out of T Wharf.1986.107.019Murdoch, John1913-03-21View
Eleanor de Costa, fishing schooner making sail off T Wharf. "The big mainsail."1986.107.020Murdoch, John1913-03-21View
Enterprise, school ship, in winter quarters at North End.1986.107.021Murdoch, John1906-02-24View
Fish boats at Mercantile & Commercial Wharf.1986.107.022Murdoch, John1920-10-23View
Fisherman Walter P. Goulart to leeward from R[...]t, Boston Harbor.1986.107.023Murdoch, John1908-06-28View
Fisherman Walter P. Goulart to windward from Robert - Boston Harbor.1986.107.024Murdoch, John1908-06-28View
Fishing craft in North Dock, T Wharf.1986.107.025Murdoch, John1910-05-19View
Fishing craft in North Dock, T Wharf.1986.107.026Murdoch, John1910-05-19View
Fishing craft north side of T Wharf.1986.107.027Murdoch, John1913-10-31View
Fishing schooner getting underway, T Wharf.1986.107.028Murdoch, John1910-10-28View
Fishing schooner hauling out of T Wharf dock.1986.107.029Murdoch, John1904-03-19View
Fishing Schooner in winter rig, towing out from T Wharf.1986.107.030Murdoch, John1910View
Fishing schooner making sail, Long Wharf.1986.107.031Murdoch, John1910-12-03View
Fishing schooner Mary J. Fallon, towing to Lockwood Railway from end of T Wharf.1986.107.032Murdoch, John1911-05-05View
Fishing schooner off Harding's - distant. From Plymouth steamer.1986.107.033Murdoch, John1912-07-28View
Fishing schooner off Harding's - near. From Plymouth steamer.1986.107.034Murdoch, John1912-07-28View
Fishing schooner sailing from end of Long Wharf.1986.107.035Murdoch, John1904-04-16View
Fishing schooner just arrived, Gloucester.1986.107.037Murdoch, John1903-07-25View
Fishing schooners at new Fish Pier.1986.107.039Murdoch, John1914-09-18View
Fishing schooners at T Wharf - "3 types of bows".1986.107.040Murdoch, John1911-11-03View
Fishing sloop Morning Star under power, coming in by end of T Wharf.1986.107.042Murdoch, John1911-04-07View
Gresham, U.S. Revenue Cutter from Nantasket boat.1986.107.043Murdoch, John1908-07-04View
Hazel Charlie Mayo's cat boat hauled up on beach, Pleasant Bay.1986.107.044Murdoch, John1901-09-03View
Hoosier, schooner yacht - steamer City of Gloucester in distance, Magnolia.1986.107.045Murdoch, John1910-08-21View
"Ice for the Aspinet." Long Wharf.1986.107.046Murdoch, John1914-05-01View
Italian fisherman mending his dory, South side of T Wharf.1986.107.047Murdoch, John1904-04-23View
Italian fishing boat sailing into T Wharf Dock.1986.107.048Murdoch, John1902View
Italian fishing boat, south side of T Wharf.1986.107.049Murdoch, John1904-04-23View
Italian fishing boats in T Wharf dock, horizontal.1986.107.050Murdoch, John1901View
Italian power boats, T Wharf, head of dock.1986.107.051Murdoch, John1910-04-09View
Italian power boats, T Wharf, south side.1986.107.052Murdoch, John1910-04-09View
Italian power boats in south dock, T Wharf, and lingering craft.1986.107.053Murdoch, John1914-04-03View
Italian saltback in Gloucester harbor, from steamer dock.1986.107.054Murdoch, John1908-08-16View
Italian trawlers, T Wharf.1986.107.055Murdoch, John1914-03-01View
Klondike sloop, swordfisher, from Plymouth steamer near Boston Light.1986.107.056Murdoch, John1912-07-28View

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