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Italian power boats, T Wharf, head of dock.1986.107.051Murdoch, John1910-04-09View
Italian power boats, T Wharf, south side.1986.107.052Murdoch, John1910-04-09View
Italian power boats in south dock, T Wharf, and lingering craft.1986.107.053Murdoch, John1914-04-03View
Italian saltback in Gloucester harbor, from steamer dock.1986.107.054Murdoch, John1908-08-16View
Italian trawlers, T Wharf.1986.107.055Murdoch, John1914-03-01View
Klondike sloop, swordfisher, from Plymouth steamer near Boston Light.1986.107.056Murdoch, John1912-07-28View
Knickerbocker, fishing schooner fitting out for Pacific coast, Long Wharf.1986.107.057Murdoch, John1913-03-21View
Knickerbocker, fishing schooner, "The Squaresail Yard," Long Wharf.1986.107.058Murdoch, John1913-03-21View
"A knockabout bow," schooner John J. Fallon, T Wharf.1986.107.059Murdoch, John1910-04-09View
"Knockabout fisherman" Alice at T Wharf.1986.107.060Murdoch, John1910-04-19View
"Knockabout fisherman" "Alice at T Wharf, from end of T Wharf.1986.107.061Murdoch, John1911-11-03View
Knockabout fisherman Aspinet, of Chris [?] Id., at Long Wharf.1986.107.062Murdoch, John1911-05-05View
"Knockabout fisherman" Helen B. Thomas passing Fort Independence.1986.107.063Murdoch, John1903-05-02View
Knockabout fisherman sailing. From end of T Wharf.1986.107.064Murdoch, John1910-10-28View
Knockabout fishermen Gladys & Nellie and Alice at T Wharf.1986.107.065Murdoch, John1910-04-19View
Knockabout Victor & Ethan fitting out for Pacific coast.1986.107.066Murdoch, John1911-11-03View
Knockabout yacht under sail in Nantasket Roads from Nantasket boat.1986.107.067Murdoch, John1910-05-19View
"Laid up" schooner yacht, Neponset Bridge.1986.107.068Murdoch, John1902-04-19View
"Lingering craft at T Wharf" - sloop Pearl in center.1986.107.069Murdoch, John1914-04-03View
Mercedes power steamer at T Wharf.1986.107.070Murdoch, John1920-10-23View
Natalie J. Nelson and other craft at T Wharf.1986.107.071Murdoch, John1920-10-23View
New sharpy, A.N. Chase's, in Arey's Pond.1986.107.072Murdoch, John1907-08-31View
New skiff in Salt Pond, S. Orleans.1986.107.073Murdoch, John1906-07-16View
New tender, Areys's Pond.1986.107.075Murdoch, John1909-08-08View
Ocean tugs. Commercial Wharf.1986.107.076Murdoch, John1904-04-16View
Primrose reefing down off Gavin Hill.1986.107.077Murdoch, John1908-08-02View
Quahaug boat, new model, Rock Harbor, Orleans.1986.107.078Murdoch, John1911-09-17View
Quahaug boat, old model, converted sailboat, Rock Harbor, Orleans.1986.107.079Murdoch, John1911-09-17View
Quebec Lines ferryboat.1986.107.080Murdoch, John1903-06-24View
"Ready to lay up," Winslow's yacht, Arey's Pond, Orleans.1986.107.081Murdoch, John1910-09-18View
Rebecca, fishing schooner, hauling out of north dock, T Wharf.1986.107.082Murdoch, John1910-10-28View
Rebecca, fishing schooner, making sail off T Wharf.1986.107.083Murdoch, John1910-10-28View
Rhine, ship - Mystic Wharf.1986.107.084Murdoch, John1914-05-01View
Rita A. Viator, fishing schooner - "Crew taking it easy," T Wharf.1986.107.085Murdoch, John1913-03-21View
Rose Dorothea, fishing schooner, towing out from T Wharf.1986.107.086Murdoch, John1912-05-25View
Sailboat Myth off steamboat landing, Bass Point.1986.107.087Murdoch, John1913-08-27View
Schooner, loaded with laths [?] beating up Boston Harbor.1986.107.088Murdoch, John1910-07-31View
Schooner loaded with lumber, beating up Boston Harbor.1986.107.089Murdoch, John1910-07-31View
Schooner Guthrie just berthed at T Wharf.1986.107.090Murdoch, John1910-04-19View
Schooner Manahassett and other craft, in south dock, T Wharf.1986.107.091Murdoch, John1914-11-27View
Schooner yacht, new, fitting out at East Gloucester.1986.107.092Murdoch, John1911-06-16View
Sharpies racing in Pleasant Bay, Orleans.1986.107.093Murdoch, John1901-09-07View
Skiff under sail, Arey's Pond, Orleans.1986.107.094Murdoch, John1904-08-21View
Skiffs, old and new, and new tender, Arey's Pond.1986.107.095Murdoch, John1909-08-08View
Sloop yacht, "A light breeze off Deer Island," from Nahant Steamer.1986.107.096Murdoch, John1913-07-27View
Sloop yacht, from Hough's Neck Steamer.1986.107.097Murdoch, John1907-08-10View
Spray, steam trawler - T Wharf.1986.107.098Murdoch, John1910-04-19View
Squanto, fishing schooner, Long Wharf.1986.107.099Murdoch, John1913-05-02View
Steam fisherman Robert & Edwin, Provincetown Harbor.1986.107.100Murdoch, John1913-06-22View
Steam lighter from end of T Wharf.1986.107.101Murdoch, John1911-05-05View

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