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TitleMakerDate Made
Face (Self-Portrait)MOH-1976.08Sowdon, Michael1975View
Indian on HorseMOH-1976.09DiBiase, Vincent1975View
DragonMOH-1976.10.01Ruchin, Cecile; Lissack, Selwyn; Holographic Communications Corps. of America1974View
DragonMOH-1976.10.02Ruchin, Cecile; Lissack, Selwyn; Holographic Communications Corps. of America1974View
DragonMOH-1976.10.04Lissack, Selwyn; Ruchin, Cecile; Holographic Communications Corps. of America1974View
Metaphysical RealityMOH-1976.11Unger, Howard1976View
No SoapMOH-1976.12Hlynsky, David1975View
HolocubesMOH-1976.13Goldberg, Larry; Holex Corporation1975View
Untitled [Dried Flower]MOH-1976.14Moore, Lon1976View
CoilsMOH-1976.16Moore, Lon1976View
Nam June PaikMOH-1976.17Burns, Jody; New York Art Alliance1976View
Creme de Motion #3MOH-1976.18Nemtzow, Scott1976View
Star ChildMOH-1976.19Weissman, Cliffcirca 1975View
Diffracted square patternMOH-1976.20Van Riper, Petercirca 1974-1975View
Holography BlocksMOH-1976.21.01Benton, Stephen A.; Benton, Jeanne1975View
Holography BlocksMOH-1976.21.02Benton, Stephen A.; Benton, Jeanne1975View
The HolographerMOH-1976.22Schweitzer, Dan; New York Holographic Laboratories1974View
Early embossed hologramsMOH-1976.23.01unknowncirca 1976View
Early embossed hologramsMOH-1976.23.02unknowncirca 1976View
Ball and JacksMOH-1976.24Silberman, Rick1976View
Autoportrait (Sneaker)MOH-1976.25Fringe Research Holographics; Chechick, Jeremiah1975View
Sphere and CollageMOH-1976.26Stephens, Anait1975View
TomorrowMOH-1976.27.01Sandström, Åke; Bjelkhagen, Hans I.1975View
Advancing and Retreating SpiralsMOH-1976.28Silberman, Rick1976View
Memories and TimeMOH-1976.29Remesar, Luiscirca 1970sView
Milling MachineMOH-1976.30Abramson, Nils1970View
UntitledMOH-1976.31Duston-Roberge, Deborah1976View
UntitledMOH-1976.32Duston-Roberge, Deborahcirca 1976View
CoilMOH-1976.33Silberman, Rick1976View
All Points SphereMOH-1976.34Casdin-Silver, Harriet1974View
American Gunsmoke Machine / CowboysMOH-1976.35Claudius, Peter; Taito1976View
Space Graffiti: "Whipped Cream"MOH-1976.37.02A-CStephens, Anait1974View
Gosta LiljaMOH-1976.38Burns, Jody1976View
Luna No. 3MOH-1976.40New York Art Alliance; Burns, Jody1974View
Luna No. 4MOH-1976.41New York Art Alliance; Burns, Jody1974View
LunaMOH-1976.42New York Art Alliance; Burns, Jody1974View
Balinese DancerMOH-1976.43Citrin, William; Europlex Holographics1976View
Celeste with BananaMOH-1976.44Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1976View
Celeste UndressedMOH-1976.45Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Scenes from DraculaMOH-1976.46Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Scenes from DraculaMOH-1976.47Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1976View
Pam and HelenMOH-1976.49Multiplex Moving Holograms; Cross, Lloyd G.1976View
Peek-a-BooMOH-1976.52Fisher, Michael; Multiplex Moving Holograms1975View
Closed Mondays (mini)MOH-1976.54A-CClaudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Consumed then Created by Light (Portrait of Siew-Hwa Beh)MOH-1976.55.02Multiplex Moving Holograms; Friedman, Rufus; Krasilovsky, Alexis1976View
Baseball PlayersMOH-1976.57.01A-CLissack, Selwyn1974-1976View
Untitled [round diffraction]MOH-1976.58DiBiase, Vincent1976View
BallerinaMOH-1976.60Schmidt, David; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View
Gorilla KissMOH-1976.62Multiplex Moving Holograms; Claudius, Peter1974View
Gorilla KissMOH-1976.63Claudius, Peter; Multiplex Moving Holograms1976View

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