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TitleMakerDate Made
Full Color Reflection Portraiture: Harold E. Edgerton1990.048.027MIT, Spatial Imaging Group; Klug, Michael; Walker, Julie H.1989View
Hologram of a Wire1993.061.001Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris1961View
Juris' Brother1993.061.006Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.1963View
Single Nomograph1993.061.007Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.1963View
Press Release1993.061.016Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris; Kone, Eugene H.1963View
Bobbing Duck Movie1993.061.020Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.circa 1967View
U of M and Tall-masted Ship1993.061.022Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris1964View
Written Materials relating to Leith and Upatnieks1993.061.023.1-.3Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris1963View
The Witch and the Devil1994.031.001Schinella, G. Robert; McDonnell Douglas Electronics Corporationdate unknownView
Portrait of Dr. Dennis Gabor1994.052.001Conductron Corporation; Schinella, G. Robert; McDonnell Douglas Electronics Corporation1971View
Divers1994.052.002Schinella, G. Robert; McDonnell Douglas Electronics Corporation1971View
Bobbing Duck1994.055.002Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.; Leonard, Carl D.1968View
Life Magazine Hologram1994.055.003Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.; Goro, Fritz1966View
Double Reed Instrument [hologram]1994.055.004Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.; Martilla, E.J.1974View
Guitar [hologram]1994.055.005Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.; Martilla, E.J.1974View
Line of Light1994.055.006Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris; Leonard, Carl D.1971View
Squash1994.055.007Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris; Leonard, Carl D.1967View
Wire Sculpture [hologram]1994.055.008Leonard, Carl D.; Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris1968View
Hologram of a House Model1994.055.009Upatnieks, Juris; Leith, Emmett N.; Leonard, Carl D.1968View
Hologram of an architectural model of a building and landscape1994.055.010Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris; Leonard, Carl D.1968View
Line of Light1994.055.011Leith, Emmett N.; Upatnieks, Juris; Leonard, Carl D.1971View
Radargraph of Michigan: Willow Run airport to Ann Arbor1994.055.012circa 1965View
Korean coin [hologram]1994.071.001Song San Co., Ltd.1991View
360-degree Computer Generated Display Hologram1994.095.001Yaroslavskii, Leonid Petrovichdate unknownView
Holographischer Prismenwandler [Holographic Prism Changer]1994.096.001-.002Jung, Dieter1993-1994View
Portrait of Stephen Benton1994.097.001S.I. Vavilov Institute1991View
Portrait of Stephen Benton and Yuri Denisyuk1994.097.002S.I. Vavilov Institute1991View
Religious Cross [crucifix]1994.098Khaykin, Roman; Interlink Corporation; Troitski, Igordate unknownView
Thermal plume above Heated Wire1994.099.001Vest, Charles M.1974View
Cylinder with strain gage1994.099.002Vest, Charles M.circa 1973-1974View
Stratified Flow1994.099.004Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.005Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.006Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.007Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.008Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow (cylinder)1994.099.009Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.010Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.012Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.013Vest, Charles M.1973View
Stratified Flow1994.099.014Vest, Charles M.1973View
NBS1994.099.015Vest, Charles M.circa 1973-1974View
BEN-2/Uniform Heat1994.099.016Vest, Charles M.circa 1973-1974View
BEN-3/Temperature Gradient1994.099.017Vest, Charles M.circa 1973-1974View
BEN-4/Small Temperature Gradient1994.099.018Vest, Charles M.circa 1973-1974View
Supersonic Bird1994.100.001unknowndate unknownView
Conjugal Series: Pile of Hands1994.100.003Benyon, Margaret1983View
Sleight of Hand1994.100.004Ginn, I.1984View
Microscope1994.100.005Spierings, Waltercirca 1987View
Connie with Bubbles1994.101.001Polaroid Corporationcirca 1982View
Untitled [P.C. with eye]1994.101.003Polaroid Corporationcirca 1982View

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