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TitleMakerDate Made
SalamanderMOH-1985.38.02Sapan, Jason1985View
NexaMOH-1985.39Sapan, Jason1985View
Bird and IBMMOH-1985.40Sapan, Jason1985View
PigeonMOH-1985.41Sapan, Jason1985View
Annual Report 1984MOH-1985.42Dai Nippon Printing Company, Ltd.1984View
Figlia de Liberta wine label [Daughter of Liberty]MOH-1985.43.01Light Impressions, Inc.1985View
Figlia de Liberta wine bottle [Daughter of Liberty]MOH-1985.43.02Light Impressions, Inc.1985View
Ted Maiman's Ruby Laser [Lasers & Applications magazine (May 1985)]MOH-1985.44.01Arkin, Robert; Holo-Spectra1985View
Ted Maiman's Ruby Laser [flyer]MOH-1985.44.02Arkin, Robert; Holo-Spectra1985View
AMOH-1985.46.07Schweitzer, Dan; Samaras, Lucas; Museum of Holography1985View
Daily Diary March 15, 1985MOH-1985.47.01Culbert, Bill1985View
Daily Diary March 17, 1985MOH-1985.47.03Culbert, Bill1985View
Daily Diary March 18, 1985MOH-1985.47.04Culbert, Bill1985View
Daily Diary March 19, 1985MOH-1985.47.05Culbert, Bill1985View
Daily Diary March 20, 1985MOH-1985.47.06Culbert, Bill1985View
Daily Diary March 21, 1985MOH-1985.47.07Culbert, Bill1985View
Glass IMOH-1985.47.08Culbert, Bill1985View
Glass IIMOH-1985.47.09Culbert, Bill1985View
Glass IIIMOH-1985.48Culbert, Bill1985View
Glass IVMOH-1985.49Culbert, Bill1985View
MetropolisMOH-1985.50Feroe, James1984View
A/Draw [Artforum magazine, Summer 1985]MOH-1985.51.01Schweitzer, Dan; Samaras, Lucas; Museum of Holography1985View
`A' [for A/Draw, used on Artforum magazine, Summer 1985]MOH-1985.52Samaras, Lucas; Schweitzer, Dan; Museum of Holography1985View
Curved Mirror Projection SystemMOH-1985.53.01Okoshi, Takanori1976View
Hologram to be used with Okoshi's `Curved Mirror Projection System' (MOH-1985.53.01)MOH-1985.53.02Polaroid Corporation; Benton, Stephen A.1980View
Holo/Cad 1.0MOH-1985.54Partee, Gail; Lacey, Lee; Kovari, Richard1982View
Revolvers, Smith & WessonMOH-1985.55Bulgarian Academy of Sciences1980View
Found ObjectsMOH-1985.56St. Cyr, Suzanne1984View
Printout Dance #3MOH-1985.57Moree, Sam1985View
Coal MoleculeMOH-1985.58Burns, Jody1984-1985View
E.T.MOH-1985.59Green, Donna1984View
Chess PiecesMOH-1985.61Green, Donna1984View
Xenon Flash CopyMOH-1985.62Blyth, Jeff1985View
Nearer (Revenge Mix)MOH-1985.63Abraham, Nigel; Holograms 3D1984View
TransformersMOH-1985.64.01-.02Clarke, Walter1985View
TransformersMOH-1985.64.02Clarke, Walter1985View
My Little PonyMOH-1985.65.02Clarke, Walter1985View
Koala Bears [Wildlife of the Austrailian Bush]MOH-1985.66Dai Nippon Printing Company, Ltd.1985View
Seahorse and RiderMOH-1985.68SEPP1984View
Future [Holography exhibition catalog]MOH-1985.70.01Dai Nippon Printing Company, Ltd.1984View
Fancy Cello [Holography exhibition catalog]MOH-1985.70.02Dai Nippon Printing Company, Ltd.1984View
PaintsMOH-1985.71Richardson, Martin1985View
UntitledMOH-1985.72Catta-Preta, Fernando1984View
AT&T EmblemMOH-1985.73.01Unterseher, Fred1985View
AT&T EmblemMOH-1985.73.02Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.01Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.02Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.03Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.05Unterseher, Fred1985View
Triangle in LandscapeMOH-1985.75Richardson, Martin1982-1983View

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