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TitleMakerDate Made
Fancy Cello [Holography exhibition catalog]MOH-1985.70.02Dai Nippon Printing Company, Ltd.1984View
PaintsMOH-1985.71Richardson, Martin1985View
UntitledMOH-1985.72Catta-Preta, Fernando1984View
AT&T EmblemMOH-1985.73.01Unterseher, Fred1985View
AT&T EmblemMOH-1985.73.02Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.01Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.02Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.03Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.04Unterseher, Fred1985View
The First SpectrometersMOH-1985.74.05Unterseher, Fred1985View
Triangle in LandscapeMOH-1985.75Richardson, Martin1982-1983View
Trisha IIMOH-1986.01Benton, Stephen A.1986View
Khajuraho ModelMOH-1986.02Mehta, P.C.; Instruments Research & Development1986View
Lord KrishnaMOH-1986.03Instruments Research & Development; Mehta, P.C.1980View
Africa's Taung Child [advertising flyer for National Geographic magazine, Vol. 168, No. 5, Nov. 1985]MOH-1986.04Haines, Kenneth A.; American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1985View
Rockin' Laser 3-D Holographic StickersMOH-1986.05Amblehurst Ltd.1985View
FlowersMOH-1986.06Provence, Steve1986View
Gears for Betty and All Faithful MachinesMOH-1986.07.01-.02Provence, Steve1986View
Kultural AmneezyaMOH-1986.08Stewart, Spike1983View
HinotoriMOH-1986.09Light Impressions, Inc.; Tezuka Productions1986View
World Cup MundialMOH-1986.10Light Impressions, Inc.1984View
1984-1985 [spheres, cubes, net]MOH-1986.11.01-.02Ishii, Setsuko1984-1985View
"The Three Dimensions"MOH-1986.11.03-.04Ishii, Setsuko1984-1985View
The Kiss, (Kiss II)MOH-1986.12Cross, Lloyd G.; Multiplex Moving Holograms1974View
Michael Jackson [Thriller album cover]MOH-1986.13.01MJJ Productions Ltd.1984View
Michael JacksonMOH-1986.13.02MJJ Productions Ltd.1984View
Skeletal HandMOH-1986.14Casdin-Silver, Harriet; Benton, Stephen A.circa 1972-73View
Wine Glass and BottleMOH-1986.15unknowndate unknownView
Bust of LibertyMOH-1986.16.01Lacey, Lee1986View
Bust of LibertyMOH-1986.16.02Lacey, Lee1986View
The Solo PoloMOH-1986.17Blyth, Jeff1986View
Flexible diffraction lens (?)MOH-1986.18unknowndate unknownView
Untitled [Sundial tests ?]MOH-1986.20.01-.05unknowndate unknownView
Untitled [Sundial tests ?]MOH-1986.20.06unknowndate unknownView
UntitledMOH-1986.21Kaji, Hiroyuki; Iwata, Fujiocirca 1986View
Human Eye Affected with GlaucomaMOH-1986.22Holographic Film Company, Inc.; Molteni, William J.; Perry, Hart1978View
Joe PappMOH-1986.23.01-.02Perry, Hart1976View
Polarizing FiltersMOH-1986.24.01-.04Polaroid Corporation1986View
Simon and Camera [Simon with Camera]MOH-1986.25Burns, Jodycirca 1976View
CricketMOH-1986.26Neuswanger, Craigdate unknownView
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.01Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.02Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.03Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.04Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.05Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.06Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.07Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.08Wilson, Stewart1986View
Holograms of FetishesMOH-1986.27.09Wilson, Stewart1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.01Newman, Paul1986View

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