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TitleMakerDate Made
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.02Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.03Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.04Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.05Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.06Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.07Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.08Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.09Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.10Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.11Newman, Paul1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.28.12Newman, Paul1986View
UntitledMOH-1986.29Feroe, James1986View
`Phoenix' Test SheetsMOH-1986.30Newman, Paul1986View
From the `Yanton' SeriesMOH-1986.31Unterseher, Fred1985View
Sonic Dream: Peter Bryanston Cross with His WorkMOH-1987.01Miller, Peter1984View
Cover for Cole-Palmer 1987-1988 Annual ReportMOH-1987.02American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1987View
Book Jacket for "Night Stone"MOH-1987.03American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1987View
Book Jacket for "The Devil's Cat"MOH-1987.04American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1987View
Self-PortraitMOH-1987.06Murray, Jeffrey1987View
Man on MotorcycleMOH-1987.07Wesley, Eddate unknownView
PascalMOH-1987.08Wesley, Ed1986View
HP 2000MOH-1987.09.01Wesley, Ed1986View
"The Mirrorstone" book with hologramsMOH-1987.10Light Fantastic Ltd.1986View
Woman's face [Geo Wissen magazine cover (5/25/87 issue)]MOH-1987.11.01-.02Holocom1987View
Nabisco Shredded Wheat cereal box with Dungeons and Dragons hologram giveawayMOH-1987.12.01Applied Holographics, Plc.circa 1987View
Nabisco Malted Shreddies cereal box with Dungeons and Dragons hologram giveawayMOH-1987.12.02Applied Holographics, Plc.circa 1987View
Nabisco Team cereal box with Dungeons and Dragons hologram giveawayMOH-1987.12.03Applied Holographics, Plc.circa 1987View
Andy WarholMOH-1987.13Sapan, Jason1976View
Commodore computer [Chip Magazine (April 1987)]MOH-1987.14Light Impressions, Inc.1987View
042.2MOH-1987.16Warunek, Ronald1987View
042.3MOH-1987.17Warunek, Ronald1987View
UntitledMOH-1987.18.01-.03Mugot, Helene1987View
Longwood High School Yearbook (Beyond the Silver 1987)MOH-1987.19unknown1987View
Penetration IMOH-1987.20Johansen, Frithioff1987View
Penetration IIMOH-1987.21Johansen, Frithioff1987View
Coherent LasersMOH-1987.22Smith, Steven L.circa 1986View
Christiane AmanpourMOH-1987.23Nicholson, Ana Maria1987View
UntitledMOH-1987.24Duston-Roberge, Deborah1986View
Toom of Doom [children's toy]MOH-1987.25Tonka1987View
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.01TonkaView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.02Tonkadate unknownView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.03Tonkadate unknownView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.04Tonkadate unknownView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.05Tonkadate unknownView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.06Tonkadate unknownView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.07Tonkadate unknownView
Super NaturalsMOH-1987.26.08TonkaView
Super Natural Bat Bopper Evil MachineMOH-1987.27TonkaView
Evil MachineMOH-1987.28TonkaView

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