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TitleMakerDate Made
Dogon A.D.MOH-1987.29Jackson, Walter C.1987View
Polaroid Spectra System Onyx [camera box]MOH-1987.30Polaroid Corporation1987View
Blinking InterferogramMOH-1987.31Baumber, Kevin1987View
Nils AbramsonMOH-1987.33date unknownView
Sidewalk DreamMOH-1987.34Moree, Sam1980View
Lindow ManMOH-1987.35Richmond Holographic Studios Ltd.1987View
Birth to BirthingMOH-1987.36.01Deem, Rebecca1986View
Birth to BirthingMOH-1987.36.02Deem, Rebecca1986View
Birth to BirthingMOH-1987.36.03Deem, Rebecca1986View
Flipped OutMOH-1987.37Deem, Rebecca; Holocom1986-1987View
Cosmetic Series: Self-Portrait #3MOH-1987.38Benyon, Margaret1986View
Notre Dames de FleursMOH-1987.39Richmond Holographic Studios Ltd.1987View
Three [3] Segments of SpaceMOH-1987.40.01Richardson, Martin1986View
Three [3] Segments of SpaceMOH-1987.40.02Richardson, Martin1986View
Three [3] Segments of SpaceMOH-1987.40.03Richardson, Martin1986View
Three [3] Segments of SpaceMOH-1987.40.04Richardson, Martin1986View
Three [3] Segments of SpaceMOH-1987.40.05Richardson, Martin1986View
Three [3] Segments of SpaceMOH-1987.40.06Richardson, Martin1986View
Bicycle No. 7 [Number 7] [# 7]MOH-1987.41Boyd, Patrick1987View
Stuft Animal #63MOH-1987.42Kaufman, John1986View
MicroscopeMOH-1987.43Spierings, Walter1987View
Safe Place to DreamMOH-1987.44Crenshaw, Melissa1985View
When You Wish Upon a StarMOH-1987.45Boyd, Patrick1987View
MedusaMOH-1987.46Advanced Dimensional Display, Inc.1985View
Jennifer WaitesMOH-1987.47Nicholson, Ana Maria1987View
Untitled [leaves in triangle]MOH-1987.75Richardson, Martindate unknownView
Zanders CalendarMOH-1988.02Holocom1988View
ReliquaryMOH-1988.03Randazzo, Dean1988View
New York, New YorkMOH-1988.04.01Medora, Michael1988View
New York, New YorkMOH-1988.04.02Medora, Michael1988View
New York, New YorkMOH-1988.04.03Medora, Michael1988View
Blinking InterferogramMOH-1988.06Baumber, Kevin1987View
Injection Molded HologramMOH-1988.07Abramson, Nils; Jonsson, E.A.1988View
Slight of HandMOH-1988.08Sowdon, Michael; Fringe Research Holographics1986View
Present SpaceMOH-1988.09Jung, Dieter1984View
Holographic SweatshirtMOH-1988.10Marks & Spencerdate unknownView
Shattered Earth [National Geographic magazine cover (vol. 174, no. 6, December 1988)]MOH-1989.01.01American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1988View
Shattered Earth [National Geographic magazine cover (vol. 174, no. 6, December 1988)]MOH-1989.01.02American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.1988View
Tower of Babel IIMOH-1989.05Cowles, Susan unknownView
From the Serpent seriesMOH-1989.07Mohammeddate unknownView
UntitledMOH-1989.08Donnagendate unknownView
Northe Bellmore Elem-SchoolMOH-1989.10unknowndate unknownView
Bartus Takes a Downtown TrainMOH-1990.01Boyd, Patrick1990View
Atlanto-Axial Articulation [spine]MOH-1993.47.001Claps, Albert P.; Broadbent, Donalddate unknownView
Untitled [Greek statue]MOH-1993.47.002Kiev, V. Markovdate unknownView
Untitled [skeleton]MOH-1993.47.003Kiev, V. Markovdate unknownView
Untitled [crucifix]MOH-1993.47.004Kiev, V. Markovdate unknownView
OwlMOH-1993.47.005unknowndate unknownView
OwlMOH-1993.47.006unknowndate unknownView

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