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TitleMakerDate Made
Portrait of Peter with LensMOH-1993.47.HOL108Nicholson, Peter1978View
Governor and Mrs. AriyoshiMOH-1993.47.HOL110Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of a BoyMOH-1993.47.HOL111Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of Kalina with CurtainsMOH-1993.47.HOL112Nicholson, Ana Maria1978View
Portrait of Agnes Holding HairMOH-1993.47.HOL113Nicholson, Peter1978View
Ife Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL114Nicholson, Peter1977View
Benin Bronze from Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL115Nicholson, Peter1977View
Ife Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL116Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Gandharan HeadMOH-1993.47.HOL1171977View
Paravati "B" (Indian goddess)MOH-1993.47.HOL118Nicholson, Peter1977View
Gold Object Through LensMOH-1993.47.HOL119Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian Object with Shadow [Colima piece]MOH-1993.47.HOL120Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian Object with Shadow "#2" [Colima piece]MOH-1993.47.HOL121Nicholson, Peter1977View
Paravati (Indian goddess)MOH-1993.47.HOL122Nicholson, Peter1977View
Fong Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL123Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian Gold Object with LensMOH-1993.47.HOL124Nicholson, Peter1977View
Middle Gold PieceMOH-1993.47.HOL125Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Large Gold Pre-Colombian ObjectMOH-1993.47.HOL126Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
African HeadMOH-1993.47.HOL127Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
African HeadMOH-1993.47.HOL128Nicholson, Peter1977View
Fong Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL129Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
3/4 view of Hawaiian MaskMOH-1993.47.HOL130Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Front view of Hawaiian MaskMOH-1993.47.HOL131Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of a Hawaiian boyMOH-1993.47.HOL133Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Portrait of Arnold SchwarzeneggerMOH-1993.47.HOL134Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Sopwith CamelMOH-EL.02Claudius, Peter1974-1975View
Calligraphy (1st in Graffiti Series)MOH-EL.03McGrew, Steve1979View
Paradise Theatre [LP album]MOH-EL.05Foster, Michael; Hopkins, Chris1980View
Portrait of John and NickMOH-EL.06Phillips, Nicholas; Hall, John1977View
The Monster, TheMOH-EL.07Kaufman, John1980-1981View
Spacecraft Microwave AntennaMOH-EL.08Wuerker, Ralph A.1970View
The Bartlett Head, (Aphrodite)MOH-EL.10Benton, Stephen A.; Mingace, Jr., Herbert S.; Houde-Walter, William R.1978View
Two Mosquitos in FlightMOH-EL.13Wuerker, Ralph A.1970View
Bullet & WireMOH-EL.14Wuerker, Ralph A.View
Splashing SwanMOH-EL.15Wuerker, Ralph A.1970View
Rotating DollMOH-EL.17King, Michael; Collier, Robert1966View
Canarias MagicaMOH-EL.18Barefoot, Paul D.1978View
Single BulletMOH-EL.20Wuerker, Ralph A.1970View
Portrait of an Artist: Dieter Jungstray1134601988View
Aluminum/Alumina Compositestray1134611987View
Volumetric Rendering of Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Acquired Data [MRI]Stray2002Jolesz, M.D., Ferenc A.; Brigham and Women's Hospital1989View
Smoke Plume (scientific visualization)Stray2003Aqui, J.; Hesselink, L.1987View
Brain Ventricle StudiesStray2004Brigham and Women's Hospital; MIT, Spatial Imaging Group; Jolesz, M.D., Ferenc A.1989View
Still LifeStray2005Klug, Michael A.1988View
Untitled [letters]UNIDENTIFIED 02date unknownView

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