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Looking Across Water with Three Boats at Mountainous Landscape2014.028.s0698Klein, MartinView
"The End" Presentation Slide2014.028.s0699Klein, MartinView
Labeled Klein Associates, Inc. MK-300 Sonargraph of Bottom and Wall Topography, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0700Klein, MartinView
White Building, UK2014.028.s0701Klein, MartinView
Sunday Express Billboard2014.028.s0702Klein, MartinView
Illustration on Page 9 of Kronan: Kalmar läns museums utställning sommaren 19822014.028.s0703Klein, MartinView
Cover of King Henry VIII's Mary Rose by Alexander McKee2014.028.s0704Klein, MartinView
Two Imaging Platforms with Two Men in Background, Boston Naval Yard, Charlestown, MA2014.028.s0705Klein, MartinView
Page 61 from The Nanking Cargo: Chinese Export Porcelain and Gold, Auction Catalogue Christie¿s Amsterdam, 28 April - 2 May 1986?2014.028.s0706Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s0707Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s0708Klein, MartinView
Labeled Sonargraph2014.028.s0709Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Labeled S-2 Searchops Corpus Christi, Texas March 31, 1978 Depth: 58 feet2014.028.s0710Klein, Martin1978-03-31View
Graph2014.028.s0711Klein, MartinView
"Before" Presentation Slide2014.028.s0712Klein, MartinView
"After" Presentation Slide2014.028.s0713Klein, MartinView
Artifacts from Shipwreck2014.028.s0714Klein, MartinView
Fig. 8 from King Henry VIII's Mary Rose by Alexander McKee?2014.028.s0715Klein, MartinView
Cover of Klein's Pictorial Souvenir Map of Boston2014.028.s0716Klein, MartinView
Cover of Klein's Souvenir Guide to Boston2014.028.s0717Klein, MartinView
Cover of The Geldermalsen History and Porcelain by C.J.A. Jorg2014.028.s0718Klein, MartinView
Fig. 7 & Fig. 8 from King Henry VIII's Mary Rose by Alexander McKee?2014.028.s0719Klein, MartinView
Part of Page from Unknown Book2014.028.s0720Klein, MartinView
Part of Page from Unknown Book2014.028.s0721Klein, MartinView
Fig. 8 from King Henry VIII's Mary Rose by Alexander McKee?2014.028.s0722Klein, MartinView
Man Kneeling on Dock with Klein Associates, Inc. Hydroscan Side Scan Sonar Towfish with Fire & Boat in Background2014.028.s0723Klein, MartinView
Martin Klein Standing in Front of Plaque2014.028.s0724Klein, MartinView
Diagram of York River Shipwreck Project Sept. 19782014.028.s0725Klein, Martin1978-09View
Sonargraph of Kleinhenge, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0726Klein, MartinView
Harold E. Edgerton & Charles Finkelstein Standing in the Middle of Stone Burial Mound, Scotland, UK2014.028.s0727Klein, MartinView
Plan of Yorktown During the Siege, October, 1781, by a Frenchmen Illustrated in Book2014.028.s0728Klein, MartinView
Ocean Systems International Submarine Engineering Ltd. ROV2014.028.s0729Klein, MartinView
Harper's Weekly Illustration Showing Last Moments Before USS Monitor Sank Off Cape Hatteras2014.028.s0730Klein, MartinView
Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, CA2014.028.s0731Klein, MartinView
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA2014.028.s0732Klein, MartinView
House2014.028.s0733Klein, MartinView
Westinghouse Trade Show Booth2014.028.s0734Klein, MartinView
Sonar Equipment in Westinghouse Trade Show Booth2014.028.s0735Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph of Kleinhenge, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0736Klein, MartinView
Charles Finkelstein & Martin Klein Looking at Sonargraph of Stone Circles, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0737Klein, Martin1976View
Sonargraph Showing Stone Circles, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0738Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph of Kleinhenge Stone Circles, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0739Klein, MartinView
Clava Cairns and Standing Stones Sign2014.028.s0740Klein, Martin1976View
Historic Photograph of ?2014.028.s0741Klein, MartinView
Model of Eilean Muireach, Cherry Island, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0742Klein, MartinView
Underwater Photograph Taken By Robert H. Rines?2014.028.s0743Klein, MartinView
Stone Burial Mound, Clava Cairns, Inverness, Scotland, UK2014.028.s0744Klein, MartinView
Stone Circle, Clava Cairns, Inverness, Scotland, UK2014.028.s0745Klein, MartinView
Charles Finkelstein Standing at Stern of Boat Malaran R.G.Y.C. with Klein Associates, Inc. K-Wing Attached to Hydroscan Side Scan Sonar Towfish, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0746Klein, Martin1976View
Two Men Standing on Boat Looking Through Sights, Loch Ness, Scotland2014.028.s0747Klein, Martin1976View

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