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TitleMakerDate Made
Sample of early syntactic foam developed at EG&G around 19632009.010.001Emerson & Cuming (now Trelleborg)1963View
Klein Associates model MK-300 side scan sonar data recorder2012.016.001Klein Associates, Inc.1969View
MK-300 side scan sonar original manual2012.020.001Klein, Martin1969View
MK-300 side scan sonar original manual2012.020.001.AKlein, Martin1969View
toolbox2012.020.002Klein Associates, Inc.; Klein, MartinView
Klein MD-351 prototype search magnetometer processor unit2012.032.001Klein Associates, Inc.View
Model MD-500 Search Magnetometer2012.032.002Klein Associates, Inc.View
Datasonics, Inc., sonar file2014.028.0011Datasonics, Inc.1981-1990View
dB Instrumentation Limited, sonar file2014.028.0012dB Instrumentation Limited1981View
Eagle Electronics, Inc., sonar file2014.028.0013Eagle Electronics, Inc.View
Echotec, Inc., sonar file2014.028.0014Echotec, Inc.1984View
Edo Western Corp., sonar file 12014.028.0015.01Edo Western Corp.1976-1977View
Edo Western Corp., sonar file 22014.028.0015.02Edo Western Corp.1969-1982View
Edo Western Corp., sonar file 32014.028.0015.03Edo Western Corp.1969-1983View
Edo Western Corp., sonar file 42014.028.0015.04Edo Western Corp.1987View
EG&G International, Inc., sonar file 12014.028.0016.01EG&G1962-1982View
EG&G International, Inc., sonar file 22014.028.0016.02EG&G1980-1988View
EG&G International, Inc., sonar file 32014.028.0016.03EG&G1960-1975View
EG&G International, Inc., sonar file 42014.028.0016.04EG&G1976-1989View
ELAC, sonar file2014.028.0017ELAC1966-1982View
EPSCO, sonar file2014.028.0020EPSCO1980-1981View
FarSounder, Inc., sonar file2014.028.0021FarSounder, Inc.2010View
French Companies, sonar file2014.028.00231972-1981View
General Instrument Corporation, sonar file2014.028.0024General Instrument Corporation1966-1987View
Gould Government Systems Group, sonar file2014.028.0025Gould Government Systems GroupView
Greyhound Subsea, sonar file2014.028.0026Greyhound Subsea1982View
Honeywell, sonar file2014.028.0028Honeywell1966-1968View
Huntec (70) Limited, sonar file2014.028.0029Huntec (70) Limited1979-1985View
IKU Continental Shelf Institute, sonar file2014.028.0030IKU Continental Shelf Institute1981-1983View
Innerspace Technology Inc., sonar file2014.028.0032Innerspace Technology Inc.View
Japan Radio Co., Ltd., sonar file2014.028.0034Japan Radio Co., Ltd.View
Kelvin Hughes, sonar file2014.028.0035Kelvin Hughes1966-1980View
King Marine Radio Corporation, sonar file2014.028.0036King Marine Radio CorporationView
Furuno, sonar file2014.028.0037Furuno1980-1985View
Koden Electronics Co Ltd., sonar file2014.028.0038Koden Electronics, Co., Ltd.1978-1985View
Krupp Atlas-Elektronik, sonar file2014.028.0039Krupp International, Inc.1978-1986View
Leisure Lines Ltd., sonar file2014.028.0040Leisure Lines Ltd.1980View
Lowrance, sonar file2014.028.0041Lowrance1986-2012View
Lycab Algada Ltd., sonar file2014.028.0042Lycab Algada Ltd.1985View
Marconi Electronic Systems, sonar file2014.028.0044Marconi Electronic Systems1975-1981View
Marine Electronics, sonar file2014.028.0045Marine Electronics1987View
Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd., sonar file2014.028.0046Marine Sonic Technology LTD1994-2010View
MBT Electronics, LLC, sonar file2014.028.0047Mark ThompsonView
Mesotech Systems Ltd., sonar file2014.028.0048Mesotech Systems Ltd.1978-1988View
Morrow, sonar file2014.028.0050Morrow1978View
Nippon Electric Company, Ltd. (NEC), sonar file2014.028.0051Nippon Electric Company, Ltd.1977View
Oceano Instruments, USA, Inc., sonar file2014.028.0052Oceano Instruments, USA, Inc.1981-1985View
Ocean Research Equipment, Inc., sonar file 12014.028.0053.01Ocean Research Equipment, Inc.1977-1981View
Ocean Research Equipment, Inc., sonar file 22014.028.0053.02Ocean Research Equipment, Inc.1971-1985View
Ocean Seismic Electronics, sonar file2014.028.0054Ocean Seismic ElectronicsView

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