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TitleMakerDate Made
Sonargraph of Schooner Turned into Barge2014.028.s4055Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph of Ladder2014.028.s4056Klein, MartinView
Historic Image of Vineyard Sound Lt. Ship2014.028.s4057Klein, MartinView
Historic Image of Vineyard Sound Lt. Ship2014.028.s4058Klein, MartinView
Historic Image of Ship2014.028.s4059Klein, MartinView
Man in Uniform Standing in Front of Three Naval Moored Mines2014.028.s4060Klein, MartinView
Man in Uniform Standing Next to Ground Mine2014.028.s4061Klein, MartinView
Man in Uniform Squatting Next to Mines?2014.028.s4062Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4063Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4064Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Airplane2014.028.s4065Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Airplane2014.028.s4066Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Airplane2014.028.s4067Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Airplane2014.028.s4068Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4069Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4070Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4071Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4072Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4074Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4075Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Nordco Shipwreck, Straights of Belle Isle2014.028.s4076Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing H.M.N.Z.S. South Sea? Shipwreck2014.028.s4077Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Shipwreck2014.028.s4078Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Shipwreck2014.028.s4079Klein, MartinView
Labeled Side Scan Sonar Record Showing Pipeline, Ninian Field, North Sea2014.028.s4080Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Pipeline2014.028.s4081Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Andrea Doria Shipwreck2014.028.s4082Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4083Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4084Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Navy Degaussing Range2014.028.s4085Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Navy Degaussing Range2014.028.s4086Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Gas Blow-Out, Papua New Guinea2014.028.s4087Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Gas Blow-Out, Papua New Guinea2014.028.s4088Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Gas Blow-Out, Papua New Guinea2014.028.s4089Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Gas Blow-Out, Papua New Guinea2014.028.s4090Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph of Iceberg Scours in Beaufort Sea2014.028.s4091Klein, MartinView
Labeled Sonargraph Showing Sinkhole2014.028.s4092Klein, MartinView
Labeled Sonargraph2014.028.s4093Klein, MartinView
Labeled Klein Associates, Inc. Sonargraph2014.028.s4095Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Sand Ripples2014.028.s4096Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Showing Sunken Floating Bridge Sections Seattle, WA2014.028.s4098Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph of Artificial Tire Reef Off Cape Cod, MA2014.028.s4099Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph, Island Pond, NH2014.028.s4100Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph, Gloucester Harbor, MA2014.028.s4102Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph, Gloucester Harbor, MA2014.028.s4103Klein, MartinView
Hertz Comparison2014.028.s4104Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph Comparison2014.028.s4105Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph, Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada2014.028.s4106Klein, MartinView
Sonargraph2014.028.s4107Klein, MartinView
Underwater Image of Hydrophone Tower2014.028.s4108Klein, MartinView

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