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TitleMakerDate Made
Ightham Mote, England1993.050a.001Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891View
Church at Villemaur sur Yonne (Mon. Historique)1993.050a.002Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10View
S.S. Obdam on way to Boulogne sur mer & Tower Dormer, Eouge St. Pierre, Boulogne1993.050a.003Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-09-11View
So. Kensington (from Italy)1993.050a.004Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-09-14View
So. Kensington1993.050a.005Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-09-16View
Marseilles Harbor1993.050a.006Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10View
Culs de Lampe Troyes1993.050a.007Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10View
Riom, France1993.050a.008Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10View
St. Martin du Terre near Sens1993.050a.009Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10-09View
"St. Eusèbe" Auxererre1993.050a.010Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10-15View
Champs1993.050a.011Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10-15View
Aurillac1993.050a.012Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10-23View
Roman Aqueduct at Pont du Gard, France1993.050a.013Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-10-27View
Pompeii1993.050a.014Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11View
French Romanesque Capital1993.050a.015Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11View
Montmajour1993.050a.016Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-09View
Museum Arles & Caps and Base Cloister at Montmajour1993.050a.017Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-10View
Montmajour1993.050a.018Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-10View
Arles1993.050a.019Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-12View
St. Trophime, Arles, Caps from Cloister1993.050a.020Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-13View
Museum Naples1993.050a.021Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-19View
Museum Naples1993.050a.022Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-19View
Museum Naples1993.050a.023Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-19View
Museum Naples1993.050a.024Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-19View
Details of Pompeiian Candelabrae, Museum at Naples1993.050a.025Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-21View
Center from a Pompeiian Floor1993.050a.026Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-30View
Detail from Floor, Pompeii1993.050a.027Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-20View
Fragment in the Courtyard of Museum at Naples1993.050a.028Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-21View
Floor from a Pompeiian House1993.050a.029Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-24View
Threshold Panels from Pompeiian Floors1993.050a.030Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-25View
Centers from Pompeiian Floors1993.050a.031Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-22View
Floor From a Pompeiian House1993.050a.032Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-26View
Pompeiian Mosaic from Floor in Naples Museum1993.050a.033Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-11-30View
Museum Naples1993.050a.034Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1891-12-02View
Normandy1993.050a.035Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-09View
Original Scheme for Dome-Vaulted Square Room, Inspired by Studies of Mantuan Palaces1993.050a.036Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892View
Rougemontiers1993.050a.037Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892View
Hotel L'Allemant, Bourges, France1993.050a.038Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892View
2 Via Quatro Spade Verona1993.050a.039Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892View
Modern Roman Doorway1993.050a.040Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-01-03View
Pieza1993.050a.041Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-02-27View
Rome1993.050a.042Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-02View
Detail from Tomb of S. Gregorio, Rome1993.050a.043Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-02-07View
Temple of the Sybyl, Tivoli1993.050a.044Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-02-19View
Monte Mario1993.050a.045Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-02-05View
Assisi Campinale of S. Francesco1993.050a.046Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-03-03View
Siena Italy1993.050a.047Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-03-20View
Siena1993.050a.048Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-03-23View
Florence1993.050a.049Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-04-09View
Foot of Stone Stairway in Courtyard of the Bargello, Florence1993.050a.050Spencer Jr., Robert Closson1892-05-14View

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