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TitleMakerDate Made
Bang OrchestraMOH-1993.47.020.03Holovision Systems, unknownView
Untitled [skulls]MOH-1993.47.021.01Warunek, Ronald1989View
Untitled [bird and girl]MOH-1993.47.021.02Warunek, Ronald1989View
Untitled [reclining woman]MOH-1993.47.022Warunek, Ronald1989View
Untitled [woman and dungeon]MOH-1993.47.023.01Warunek, Ronald1989View
Untitled [woman and bird test plate]MOH-1993.47.023.02Warunek, Ronald1989View
Untitled [religious icon]MOH-1993.47.024.01Minsk Art and Production Associationdate unknownView
Untitled [man and book (icon ?)]MOH-1993.47.024.02Minsk Art and Production Associationdate unknownView
Panda Pan PanMOH-1993.47.025Zang, Guang-yong; Zhang, He-ling; Ren, Yong-ludate unknownView
Circuit BoardMOH-1993.47.026Fu, unknownView
Untitled [color collage]MOH-1993.47.027.01Warunek, Ronalddate unknownView
Untitled [color collage]MOH-1993.47.027.02Warunek, Ronalddate unknownView
MOH 10MOH-1993.47.028Negroponte, Nicholas P.circa 1986View
DolphinMOH-1993.47.029Pink, Patty; Holography Institute of San Franciscocirca 1989View
SpineMOH-1993.47.030Furshpan, Dr. Bernard; AD 2000, Inc.circa 1989View
Optical Dog [Optischer Hund]MOH-1993.47.031Luck, Thomas; Orazem, Vito1990View
[Turk]MOH-1993.47.032unknowndate unknownView
UbiquityMOH-1993.47.033date unknownView
Closed (Doorsign)MOH-1993.47.035Orazem, Vito; Luck, Thomas; Holo GmbHdate unknownView
Berlin WallMOH-1993.47.036Orazem, Vito; Luck, Thomasdate unknownView
Untitled [Clindrical Lense]MOH-1993.47.037Orazem, Vito; Luck, Thomasdate unknownView
Untitled [floating cube]MOH-1993.47.038Orazem, Vitodate unknownView
Michelin ManMOH-1993.47.039unknowndate unknownView
Untitled [Airport]MOH-1993.47.040unknowndate unknownView
The Ornament ClockMOH-1993.47.041Ikegami, Kojidate unknownView
The AutobicycleMOH-1993.47.042Ikegami, Kojidate unknownView
The AutobicycleMOH-1993.47.043Ikegami, Kojidate unknownView
Untitled [wood sticks]MOH-1993.47.046unknowndate unknownView
Advertisement Hologram: High Quality Shower Bath ImplementMOH-1993.47.047Zang, Guang-yong; Zhang, He-ling; Ren, Yong-lucirca 1990View
Up Against the WallMOH-1993.47.048.01Deem, Rebecca; Unterseher, Freddate unknownView
Up Against the WallMOH-1993.47.048.02Deem, Rebecca; Unterseher, Freddate unknownView
Up Against the WallMOH-1993.47.048.03Deem, Rebecca; Unterseher, Freddate unknownView
Untitled [Branches]MOH-1993.47.049Dewer, Daviddate unknownView
Untitled [Branches]MOH-1993.47.050Dewer, Daviddate unknownView
Come See the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition [eye hologram]MOH-1993.47.050.01unknowncirca 1984View
Keep Your Eye on Dave Lemmon [eye hologram]MOH-1993.47.050.02unknowncirca 1984View
EAN-UPC (IBM Store Systems)MOH-1993.47.050.03unknowncirca 1984View
1984 Louisiana World Fair [dolphin hologram]MOH-1993.47.050.04unknowncirca 1984View
ComputerMOH-1993.47.050.05unknowncirca 1984View
ChaosMOH-1993.47.051Kac, Eduardo1986View
Untitled [Woman with Flute]MOH-1993.47.053S.I. Vavilov Institutedate unknownView
Untitled [Arches]MOH-1993.47.054Cowles, Susan unknownView
Homage to Marcel DuchampMOH-1993.47.055Unterseher, Fred; Deem, Rebeccadate unknownView
Homage to Marcel DuchampMOH-1993.47.056Unterseher, Fred; Deem, Rebeccadate unknownView
Baby ElephantMOH-1993.47.057McPherson, Karen Michel1986View
Meet MeMOH-1993.47.058McPherson, Karen Michel1986View
ExzoticMOH-1993.47.059McPherson, Karen Michel1986View
CongratulationsMOH-1993.47.060McPherson, Karen Michel1986View
untitled [spiral diffraction]MOH-1993.47.061Unterseher, Fred1985View
Tribute to SpidermanMOH-1993.47.062Diaz, Lily1985View

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