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TitleMakerDate Made
Standing Chinese BuddhaMOH-1993.47.HOL0731977View
Rodin hand, deflectionMOH-1993.47.HOL074Nicholson, Peter1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL075Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Bronze bust of a man wearing glassesMOH-1993.47.HOL076Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Rectangle or a square below centreMOH-1993.47.HOL077Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Solid piece of stone or wood with crackMOH-1993.47.HOL078Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Chinese Buddha Standing FigureMOH-1993.47.HOL079Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
ScreamingMOH-1993.47.HOL080Nicholson, Peter1977View
UntitledMOH-1993.47.HOL081Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Bill MoltiniMOH-1993.47.HOL082Nicholson, Peter1977View
Vertical rectangular piece metal background.MOH-1993.47.HOL083Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Woman looking down "TAD"MOH-1993.47.HOL084Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Indiscernible image (Med DW)MOH-1993.47.HOL085Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Agnes Holding HairMOH-1993.47.HOL086Nicholson, Peter1979View
Self-Portrait With LensMOH-1993.47.HOL087Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Peter Pouring WaterMOH-1993.47.HOL088Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of Terry HayeMOH-1993.47.HOL089Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Portrait of Miss HawaiiMOH-1993.47.HOL090Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of BentonMOH-1993.47.HOL091Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Mrs. AriyoshiMOH-1993.47.HOL092Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of K. NicholsonMOH-1993.47.HOL093Nicholson, Ana Maria1978View
Portrait of Jerry HudisMOH-1993.47.HOL094Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of Alice KaplanMOH-1993.47.HOL095Nicholson, Ana Maria; Nicholson, Peter1977View
Portrait of RobinMOH-1993.47.HOL096Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of Agnes (hair)MOH-1993.47.HOL099Nicholson, Peter1978View
Self-PortraitMOH-1993.47.HOL100Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of Seiji with TelephoneMOH-1993.47.HOL101Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of Agnes (hair)MOH-1993.47.HOL102Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of Agnes with a ShellMOH-1993.47.HOL103Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of a Boy with a FishMOH-1993.47.HOL104Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of SerenaMOH-1993.47.HOL105Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Portrait of a Hawaiian GirlMOH-1993.47.HOL106Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Portrait of a Little Japanese GirlMOH-1993.47.HOL107Nicholson, Ana Maria1979View
Portrait of Peter with LensMOH-1993.47.HOL108Nicholson, Peter1978View
Governor and Mrs. AriyoshiMOH-1993.47.HOL110Nicholson, Peter1978View
Portrait of a BoyMOH-1993.47.HOL111Nicholson, Peter1979View
Portrait of Kalina with CurtainsMOH-1993.47.HOL112Nicholson, Ana Maria1978View
Portrait of Agnes Holding HairMOH-1993.47.HOL113Nicholson, Peter1978View
Ife Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL114Nicholson, Peter1977View
Benin Bronze from Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL115Nicholson, Peter1977View
Ife Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL116Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View
Gandharan HeadMOH-1993.47.HOL1171977View
Paravati "B" (Indian goddess)MOH-1993.47.HOL118Nicholson, Peter1977View
Gold Object Through LensMOH-1993.47.HOL119Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian Object with Shadow [Colima piece]MOH-1993.47.HOL120Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian Object with Shadow "#2" [Colima piece]MOH-1993.47.HOL121Nicholson, Peter1977View
Paravati (Indian goddess)MOH-1993.47.HOL122Nicholson, Peter1977View
Fong Head from Alice Kaplan CollectionMOH-1993.47.HOL123Nicholson, Peter1977View
Pre-Colombian Gold Object with LensMOH-1993.47.HOL124Nicholson, Peter1977View
Middle Gold PieceMOH-1993.47.HOL125Nicholson, Peter; Nicholson, Ana Maria1977View

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