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TitleMakerDate Made
Deren Hansen's Rolling Murderer robot1983.075.0021981View
Jonathan Connell's The Frog robot1983.075.0031981View
Gontran Kenwood Erwin robot1983.075.0041981View
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Robotic Arm (Minsky Arm)2000.008.001circa 1967-1973View
Kismet2003.014.001Breazeal, Cynthia1993-2000View
RoboTuna II2005.010.001View
Active Instrumented Object to measure Grasp Control2006.008.002MIT Human & Machine Haptics1994View
Apparatus to Test Finger Compressibility2006.008.003MIT Human & Machine Haptics1991View
"Arthur," TERRAPIN tm turtle robot2007.019.001Terrapin, Incc. 1979-1980View
"The Eye of a Robot" excerpt2007.020.001MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory1959View
ROBOT, SHRDLU, CHESS (BAISLET)2007.020.0041969-09View
Commanding, Teaching a Robot via Tactile Sensors2007.020.0121952View
Visual Guidance of a Mobile Robot2007.020.0131956; 1976View
IFIP Dup(e) Robot and Chess: Robot Arm and Chess Game2007.020.0141968View
Early Robot Cube Stacking2007.020.0201968?View
Computer Controlled Robot Assembly2007.020.042View
RWG Robot stack, sort2007.020.0571969-09View
Valiant Turtle robot2007.032.001View
Autom2008.020.001Kidd, Cory2007-2008View
experimental assembly for Autom robot head2008.020.002Kidd, Corydate unknownView
head assembly for Autom robot2008.020.003Kidd, Corydate unknownView
head molds for Autom robot2008.020.004Kidd, Corydate unknownView
"Charlie" robot for 2.0072009.019.001Schroll, Greg2007View
2.007 robot2009.019.0022000View
EXOS exoskeleton hand master2010.007.001Marcus, BethView
Bluefin Robotics Corp.2014.028.0121Bluefin Robotics Corp.1998-2000View
Strobotac- neon lamp type as made by G. R. and designed by GermeshausenHEE-NC-351851935-10-25View
Strobotac- neon lamp type as made by G. R. and designed by GermeshausenHEE-NC-351861935-10-25View
Strobotac- neon lamp type as made by G. R. and designed by GermeshausenHEE-NC-351871935-10-25View
Strobotac looking at textile spindleHEE-NC-402541940View
Neon strobotacHEE-NC-50078.1-.21950-11-06View
Stroboscopic instruments, StrobotacHEE-SC-05041Edgerton, Harold Eugene1982-09View
Strobotac stroboscope instrumentsHEE-SC-06775Edgerton, Harold Eugene1982-09View
Prototype of Strobotac flashIN-1599General Radio Companycirca 1939View
Strobotron tube, type 1D21/SN4IN-1706Sylvaniadate unknownView