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TitleMakerDate Made
Hemmi Slide Rule Co. Linear slide rule2004.010.0109Hemmi Slide Rule Co.View
E. Tata Linear slide rule2004.010.0110E. TataView
Keuffel and Esser Sperry Pocket Calculator2004.010.0111Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Indeco Linear slide rule2004.010.0112IndecoView
Lawrence 10-B Linear slide rule2004.010.0113LawrenceView
Hemmi Linear slide rule2004.010.0114Hemmi Slide Rule Co.View
Dietzgen 1766P Linear slide rule2004.010.0116Dietzgen, JoeView
Lawrence 40-B Linear slide rule2004.010.0118LawrenceView
Lawrence 250-BT 10" Linear slide rule2004.010.0119LawrenceView
Lawrence Linear slide rule2004.010.0120LawrenceView
Lawrence Linear slide rule2004.010.0121LawrenceView
The Festus MFG. Co. linear slide rule2004.010.0127The Festus MFG. Co.View
Keuffel and Esser Universal Duplex Slide Rule 4090N 10" Linear slide rule2004.010.0128Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Startime Circular slide rule2004.010.0131Startime Mfg. Co.View
Poper Musical Slide Rule2004.010.0135View
ACU Rule linear slide rule2004.010.0136ACU RuleView
Precision Instrument Co. No. 121/PC18 Linear slide rule2004.010.0137Precision Instrument Co.View
ACU Rule linear slide rule2004.010.0138ACU RuleView
Precision Instrument Co. No.774120 Linear slide rule2004.010.0140Precision Instrument Co.View
ACU Rule linear slide rule2004.010.0148ACU RuleView
Faber 368 linear slide rule2004.010.0149FaberView
Faber 367 linear slide rule2004.010.0152FaberView
Dietzgen Linear slide rule2004.010.0156DietzgenView
Dietzgen Linear slide rule2004.010.0157DietzgenView
Engineer's Binary Polymetric slide rule2004.010.0159Engineer's Slide Rule Co.View
Richardson's 1860 LL Logometric slide rule2004.010.0160Richardson Slide Rule Co.View
Richardson's Pantocrat Metal Slide Rule2004.010.0163Richardson Slide Rule Co.View
Hudson's Horse Power Computing Scale2004.010.0165Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Richardson Slide Rule Co. 1901 Linear slide rule2004.010.0166Richardson Slide Rule Co.View
Whitehead & Hoag Co. Circular slide rule2004.010.0169Whitehead & Hoag Co; Simplex Wire and CableView
Dodge Mfg. Co. Linear slide rule2004.010.0170Dodge Mfg. Co.View
Keuffel and Esser Circular slide rule2004.010.0175Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Graham slide rule2004.010.0181GrahamView
Cox's Equivalenter Circular slide rule2004.010.0182Cox Computer Co.View
circular slide rule "Omnimetric"2004.010.0186View
Domestic Mills Paper Company slide scale2004.010.0187Domestic Mills Paper CompanyView
Des Moines Bridge & Iron Company's Calculator2004.010.0188Des Moines Bridge & Iron Co.View
Hobbs Manufacturing pulley figuring circular slide rule2004.010.0190View
Stanley Linear slide rule2004.010.0194StanleyView
Keuffel and Esser Linear slide rule2004.010.0195Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Soellner Linear slide rule2004.010.0198SoellnerView
Soellner Linear slide rule2004.010.0199SoellnerView
Soellner Linear slide rule2004.010.0200SoellnerView
Unis linear slide rule2004.010.0206UnisView
Keuffel and Esser Polyphase duplex with chisel cursor 4082 16" Linear slide rule2004.010.0211Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Dietzgen 1767P Linear slide rule2004.010.0212DietzgenView
Dietzgen 1769P Linear slide rule2004.010.0213DietzgenView
Dietzgen 1767P Linear slide rule2004.010.0214DietzgenView
Dietzgen 1767P Linear slide rule2004.010.0215DietzgenView
Hemmi Slide Rule Co. Linear slide rule2004.010.0216Hemmi Slide Rule Co.View

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