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TitleMakerDate Made
Pickett & Eckel 2 Linear slide rule2004.010.0584Pickett & EckelView
Pickett & Eckel 600 Linear slide rule2004.010.0587Pickett & EckelView
Pickett & Eckel 3 Linear slide rule2004.010.0590Pickett & EckelView
Keuffel and Esser Log Log Duplex Decitrig N9081-3 10" Linear slide rule2004.010.0593Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Albert Nestler No. 21 "Darmstadt" 25 cm, Linear slide rule2004.010.0594Albert NestlerView
Hemmi Slide Rule Co. No. 50 10" Linear slide rule2004.010.0595Hemmi Slide Rule Co.View
Dennert & Pape Nr. 967 Linear slide rule2004.010.0596Dennert & PapeView
Dietzgen 1765W "Handy" Linear slide rule2004.010.0597DietzgenView
Neolt TR 12.5 Linear slide rule2004.010.0598NeoltView
A. W. Faber linear slide rule2004.010.0599A. W. FaberView
Pickett & Eckel N902-T2004.010.0605Pickett & EckelView
Keuffel and Esser Linear slide rule2004.010.0614Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Keuffel and Esser Linear slide rule2004.010.0615Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Guedon Linear slide rule2004.010.0629GuedonView
Frederick Post Co. Ritow Manifold slide rule2004.010.0630Frederick Post Co.View
Handmade slide rule for fetal head circumference2004.010.0632View
Diwa Manufacturing Co. No. 911 Linear slide rule2004.010.0634Diwa Manufacturing Co.View
Keuffel and Esser/Hunnicutt and Associates Residential Building Cost slide rule2004.010.0639Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Keuffel & Esser/Picker X-ray, Fetal Medical Slide Rule2004.010.0640Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Keuffel and Esser F436 Linear slide rule2004.010.0644Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Frederick Post Co. No. 1445 Linear slide rule2004.010.0653Frederick Post Co.View
Dietzgen 1733 Linear slide rule2004.010.0655DietzgenView
Dietzgen 1757 Linear slide rule2004.010.0656DietzgenView
Dietzgen Linear slide rule2004.010.0657DietzgenView
Dietzgen 1767 Linear slide rule2004.010.0658DietzgenView
Dietzgen Linear slide rule2004.010.0660DietzgenView
Pickett & Eckel 400 Linear slide rule2004.010.0662Pickett & EckelView
Relay No.150 Linear slide rule2004.010.0668RelayView
Relay No.150 Linear slide rule2004.010.0670RelayView
Keuffel and Esser linear slide rule2004.010.0671Keuffel & Esser Co.View
Relay No.113 Linear slide rule2004.010.0672RelayView
Smith Drake Corp. Glide Rule2004.010.0673Smith Drake Corp.View
Pickett & Eckel Paraline2004.010.0674Pickett & EckelView
Acumath 1311 Linear slide rule2004.010.0677AcumathView
Aristo Nr. 970 Linear slide rule2004.010.0678AristoView
Relay No. 151 Linear slide rule2004.010.0679RelayView
Pickett & Eckel 20 Linear slide rule2004.010.0680Pickett & EckelView
Fuji No. 505 Linear slide rule2004.010.0683FujiView
Fuji No. 52 Linear slide rule2004.010.0684FujiView
Fuji No. 84 Linear slide rule2004.010.0685FujiView
Fuji No. 83 Linear slide rule2004.010.0686FujiView
Fuji No.12921 Linear slide rule2004.010.0688FujiView
Fuji No.105 Linear slide rule2004.010.0689FujiView
Fuji No. 1250 Linear slide rule2004.010.0690FujiView
Fuji No. 42 Linear slide rule2004.010.0692FujiView
Fuji No. 551 Linear slide rule2004.010.0693FujiView
A. W. Faber linear slide rule2004.010.0694A. W. FaberView
Fuji No.106 Linear slide rule2004.010.0695FujiView
Frederick Post Co.2004.010.0697Frederick Post Co.View

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